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  1. I've got rejections from all the other schools, and the UIUC waitlist is my last hope. However, since it's almost April, I think I should move on to plan B. I feel sorry for my recommenders, advisor, and my parents, who have supported me...sad
  2. same here. I have been waitlisted from two school and got rejected from all the others. As April 15 is getting closer, nerve wracking.
  3. Has anyone else yet to receive the result from Michigan State University? Did they already send all the waitlists? If I didn't get updates on my status, should I be supposed to think that I am rejected?
  4. Hi I would like to ask you whether you are still waiting for UIUC? or did you made another plan?
  5. Hi all, I would like to hear your opinions. Do you guys think when applicants placed on waitlists, it is better to wait after sending them a brief reply? or sending an appeal letter? what would you do?
  6. Thanks for sharing the information. could you please share the source of the information as well? I really want UIUC.
  7. Hi I've also got waitlisted from UIUC. Do you think the possibility we get off from the waitlist is high? I am depressed because I thought UIUC is quite popular school that most of applicants won't decline.
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