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  1. What Theory007 is saying is totally true for American universities, but in the UK I understand it is much more common to go back on accepting an offer and it happens all the time. It is even a right by law and you could turn back on your Oxford offer even a week before the course starts. So I say go for it, the London university will understand and give funding to somebody who was accepted without it.
  2. Congratulations, Oxford's DPIR is great and it's an amazing achievement to be accepted with funding!
  3. If anyone has an offer from Washington University in St. Louis and is not planning to accept, please let them know. I am on the wait list (IR/CP) and will be eternally grateful!
  4. I applied to the IR PhD program and still haven't heard anything.
  5. I received the same letter and it seemed to me like a wait list, but I wasn't sure until now. If anybody here was accepted but knows he or she will not attend, then please notify the graduate school asap for our sake! It's my strongest fit and I would be extremely happy to go there, it would be a dream come true.
  6. Can the person from the results page who says he contacted MIT and they haven't released any decisions identify here? Otherwise we can't know who is the troll and who speaks the truth
  7. It is possible that the rejections will come in a few hours. According to this, the release wasn't always simultaneous and sometimes spanned a couple days: https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/ But I do hope they are trolls, so there will still be a chance for us We will know sooner or later.
  8. Official acceptances to UCSD came a week early, if I remember correctly. And in the 2019 cycle MIT results came out on the 8th. So I don't think that's so extraordinary - I'm more suspicious about the wording of the notes in the survey (but I am also just trying to not lose hope).
  9. I think its a great university and I am sorry I didn't apply there myself, particularly with the fee waivers they offered, the fit with faculty and this crazy year with admissions. I kinda discounted it because of its location in Texas but in retrospect, I should've applied. If you got an offer then consider yourself lucky, that is amazing! I think it was claimed earlier in the thread if you go back a page or two
  10. Congratulations! And thanks for letting us know! I think at least some of the UCs started releasing results just after midnight, judging from this and the UCSD timing... I think when the sun rises in the East and surely the West coast, this thread will explode due to the Berkley results.
  11. On a more positive note, BTW and FYI, it seems that WUSTL are looking closely at the applications these days - somebody from Missouri has entered my website on Monday (I added a link to it in my CV). Its nice to know there is progress, and that they actually show interest and read materials... Usually acceptances are a day earlier or on the same day. There were a few years a while back when rejections came earlier and acceptances quickly followed. If you haven't received a rejection then I would take it as positive sign. If they stick to posting acceptances together with rejections you
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