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  1. I am surprised you haven't heard from them. I emailed about my status more than a month ago; I received an offer in about a day or two after emailing. Eventually though I had to turn down the offer.
  2. Claiming MIT rejection. End of the cycle for me.
  3. Hi @StudyofLilia! I believe there is another room created by @BrownSugar for sharing our experience and lessons from this cycle. Here is the link https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/127325-202021-cycle-profileresultslessons/ Here is my take from this year's cycle (it's my first time btw) Fit is of utmost important. Of course that isn't to say GPA and all that don't matter but a perfect GPA and GRE won't get you anywhere if your research doesn't fit with the research of the faculty. Think broadly in terms of your interest. Don't fixate on regional interests alone. I learned th
  4. Claiming Notre Dame acceptance. I guess this cycle is virtually over.
  5. Yeah I did. Received an offer last week, followed by a zoom chat with the DGS
  6. May this week bring some modicum of clarity and some good news to everyone. Good morning!!!
  7. Gregmat is truly helpful and the videos are all easily accessible on youtube. Good luck
  8. Claiming Syracuse "short waitlist". Mail came in a few hours ago. Had no prior interview
  9. Yup...I am CP. I find it odd that some subfields interviews whereas others do not.
  10. Oh wow. that's interesting. I had given up because I wasn't called for interview. Perhaps there is still hope
  11. I will have interviews with Notre Dame later this week
  12. I should say my interview wasn't exactly formal. The POI said it was a "meeting to discuss UCR"
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