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  1. Hi everyone! I am fortunate enough to have been admitted to my dream program at Duke and I'm basically over the moon! This means that I will be leaving my current phd program for the new one, but I am having trouble figuring out how to convey this new info to my current advisor and several other professors within my subfield. It is basically haunting me that these professors placed so much trust in me when they admitted me to the program. They are also just super nice and really great advisors, and have spent a lot of their effort and time on me. Since we have a real friendly relationship, it makes me feel so guilty that I am leaving and I don't know how to tell them. If anyone could help me figure out how to convey this message in a nice way and in a way where we might be able to maintain some kind of relationship, I would be very grateful.
  2. Yup, but also two theory professors, but it's not official as of now.
  3. You may value things about a program that are different from the things I value, and this is not to discourage you or anyone else. What I gathered from speaking directly to grad students is that there is a handful of really excellent scholars within each subfield at UVa, but many are leaving/retiring or will retire within the next few years (and are therefore not accepting new students for supervision). The placement at UVa is not good even though it has had two high-profile placements over the years (and they like to emphasize this). But these are the exception. It seems however that the American subfield is the strongest among the offered (it has Sabato after all). When pressed, the people I spoke to admitted that most recent ABD/graduated theorists are rather desperate; either jobless or have been placed in random/mediocre post-doc positions. A high number of the students I spoke to were at best ambivalent about the program due to one or more of the following reasons; mostly subpar training, a weak faculty, and lack of mentorship from advisors – all making it particularly difficult for UVa grads to compete on the job market. Over the course of the stay it became increasingly difficult to see myself in the program (as a non-Americanist) and I know the same was true for other visitors. Thankfully I have a different offer where the visit was very positive.
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