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  1. Either the group of people on here checks the thread incessantly for updates (which is totally possible, I sure have been), or there are tons of lurkers. Just wanted to throw this out to there- All the committees are pretty different and the committees vary year to year. But I was lucky enough to interview for both 2 years ago (clearly didn’t win either) and remember how anxious I was going into it. I know a ton of colleges don’t have a big fellowship office/lots of previous winners or finalists as alums. So if anyone is looking for some kind of info about how the process felt, or just hearing at least one person’s experience etc. for either, please feel free to PM me. To everyone still waiting, good luck!
  2. Thank you! I honestly really don’t think there’s a standard “system” for how notifying is done, you never know.
  3. Rhodes Philadelphia notified today, but seems like nobody else here was in that region! Got the email a bit after 4, just for reference.
  4. Well apologies if I gave a false hope, I know someone who heard so I figured we’d all hear. Maybe tomorrow.
  5. Not sure if anyone is in this region: but Marshall NY is notifying right now. Holding my breath.
  6. You heard from Marshall, or no results yet? Same heart attack happened to me with Embark- if you’ve downloaded the pdf of your application it’ll mark that as “updated.”
  7. I'm sure it will be the day for at least someone!! I have resorted to personal statements for other programs in an attempt to stop refreshing my email every 30 seconds... It's not working that well so far!
  8. I think I remember getting word kind of late in the day last time, like between 4-6 in the time zone of the region. Another day of nothing here.
  9. No evidence for this whatsoever- but somehow I have convinced myself this is the day I get some news! Good luck on another day of anxiety!
  10. After searching the StudentRoom, I have found very little information on this and would be very grateful to any advice people have to offer. My apologies in advance for a slightly long-winded question, I am just eager to get this done as it is the last part of my application that I need to complete! I am applying to an MPhil in Comparative Government at Oxford hoping to start next fall. You are asked to submit two writing samples with a maximum of 2,000 words each (which in itself is incredibly frustrating as I have a couple long papers I would prefer to submit in their entirety). The prompt states: “you should submit academic essays on any subject or theme within the discipline of politics, but preferably ones that relate to your proposed field of study.” In my degree I am hoping to somewhat combine comparative politics and political theory on democracy. I have pretty strong essays in both subfields the of comparative politics/IR and political theory but am debating several things. 1) Would it be best to submit one essay on comparative, and one on political theory? My thinking is that it shows some knowledge etc. in both areas. 2) Alternatively, should I submit two essays in comparative politics/IR since they seem to have a preference towards the specific subfield to which you are applying. If I am better doing one from each area, I am faced with another question. The best essay I think I have ever written is on Derrida and falls within political theory. But it’s not focused on “democracy” whatsoever. I wrote it while I was a visiting student at Oxford, and am wondering if this essay be good to submit? Or am I better doing a paper more focused specifically on questions of democracy? Thank you for any help or potential insight, or even for just making your way through this long question!
  11. My understanding is basically no Rhodes committees have notified except 10. I was told this for Marshall: Expect Atlanta, LA, San Francisco and DC to notify this week. Boston, Chicago Houston and New York by the end of next week.
  12. Here we go for another day of email refreshing! Good luck y’all
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