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  1. Sorry to hear that. My understanding is getting finalist for Marshall is quite a bit more difficult just based on the percentage that go to that stage. Stay positive for Rhodes! ‘Nothing yet for me on either, on the east coast for both.
  2. Marshall handles booking all of your travel arrangements/pays for them all (including hotel if you need it). No worries there. For Rhodes, AirBnB could be a good option since, depending on the region, the interview could still be far away from home.
  3. Has anyone gotten word on finalists for either the Rhodes or the Marshall yet? I applied 2 years ago and got word for both Rhodes and Marshall finalist a bit under 3 weeks after submitting (so that would be this week). Didn't see any other threads dedicated to these, so I thought maybe people could post when they end up hearing!
  4. From my understanding it really varies based on the individual regional committee, they all operate pretty independently. I was a finalist back in the fall of 2017 and actually found out way earlier than I expected. I got a notification email on Thursday, October 26th. I'm reapplying this year, and would love to see when people find out because I am similarly anxious this time around!
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