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  1. Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday after I got my first, and likely only acceptance! It was quite an overwhelming day so I was logged off the forum for most of the day after I got the call. Congrats to everyone who has gotten good news in the meantime, and good luck to everyone still waiting it out! I have gotten literally only rejections until getting into my dream program, so don't lose hope!
  2. I just got a call from the program director for Government & Social Policy at Harvard letting me know I've been accepted! Really can't believe it, I had completely given up hope for this cycle.
  3. I had asked about it quite a while ago! I applied but have yet to hear back. The results page for past applicants seems super limited, so I don't have a clue when to expect to hear anything
  4. I haven't gotten a formal NYU rejection, but I'm not holding my breath for good news
  5. Did you mostly just use it for Quant? I just looked at the prices and it seems way more affordable than any other option I've seen.
  6. I am in a pretty similar boat and am debating if I should try to retake it as well. Not sure where you're looking to improve, but here are some things that helped me. The that helped me by far the most was an online Princeton Review class (like all things standardized test related, it was a bit pricey).The teacher was wonderful, and having the class helped me hold myself accountable to actually studying. Beyond the class content itself (which varied in how helpful I found it) the class provided me with a lot of practice drills, tests etc. The class definitely helped me a lot, I ended up g
  7. Is it probably still too early to hear from Yale this week? Wondering if I should try to take a break from email refreshing and actually be productive!
  8. Presuming I am not admitted this cycle, I'm thinking about a few things that I've seen people on here mention. As painful as it sounds, I'm debating retaking the GRE. I have what I thought were pretty decent scores (164V, 160Q, 6.0AW), but the scores I am seeing people posting on the results page are often far better than mine. I've been having the same experience I've seen a lot of people having of the difficulty of finding really any opportunities to get some more concrete research experience, but that's probably another thing I would try to find a way to do. I also didn't rea
  9. Yale is by far my top choice, but I'm not overly optimistic about my chances.
  10. Beyond Chicago, what other programs would you say are on the less quantitative side?
  11. Is it probably safe to say that not hearing from NYU by now is a reject?
  12. Did anyone here happen to also apply to the Social Policy PhD joint degree program at Harvard? I applied as a total crap shoot, but it seems like such a cool program I figured why not.
  13. That's a good point, I honestly hadn't thought of the potential for the number of applications to be super high again next year as a result of this cycle. I'm really unsure what to do in the meantime regardless of if I apply again to try to improve my chances. I've been trying to find research assistant type gigs with very little success
  14. I would love to reapply next year, but not sure if that will be feasible. As far as backup plans or even what to do in the meantime if I were to reapply, I haven't really gotten that far!
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