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  1. PROFILE Type of Undergrad Institution: R2 state school Major(s)/Minor(s): political science, area studies Undergrad GPA: 3.9 Type of Grad: N/A Grad GPA: N/A GRE: 170V/167Q/5.0W Any Special Courses: 2 grad seminars, data analysis (R and Python), one stats course Letters of Recommendation: 1 professor, 2 associate professors, all had supervised research projects Teaching Experience: N/A Research Experience: some work in R, undergrad thesis Writing Sample: section of undergrad thesis, kind of related to research interest Other: RESULTS Acceptances: 2 T25, 1 T40, all $$ Waitlists:
  2. I agree with Cornell, Northwestern, and Notre Dame. I'd also add Chicago and University of Virginia.
  3. Notre Dame interviews are this week, results next week, according to an email they sent out in December
  4. I don't really think next cycle will be easier. Everyone who decided to wait this cycle out, plus a lot of people who didn't get in this year, will be applying again next year, when cohorts will probably stay small. I also think the ongoing effects of COVID are going to be devastating to doctoral programs for years. So congrats on your acceptance during this year's brutal cycle!
  5. If you're looking for something to do for a year and planning on reapplying next year, I definitely recommend Americorps programs! I got fee waivers to almost all the schools I applied to, which allowed me to apply to a lot more places and was a huge burden lifted during the application process. I'm not getting much research experience, but I am doing good work and getting paid enough to live on.
  6. Heard from two places where I got waitlisted that in a normal year they would have admitted me, but couldn't this year because of COVID. Not sure how much this helps but I'm sure it's true for a lot of us.
  7. also, use R Studio! Really improves the user experience in R and easier to find and correct your mistakes
  8. I was accepted at UT and my portal still says "In review"
  9. Also received a waitlist email from Indiana this morning
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