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  1. I'll preface my answers by saying that I came into the experience at Cambridge expecting it to be very intellectually rigorous, and I went to an undergraduate institution notorious for grade deflation and student suicides/mental health issues, so I expected more of that at Cam. I also think the answer to your questions very much depends on what you are used to in terms of workload, grading and atmosphere, as well as how quickly/easily you adjust to British-style education and being overseas (if you're American specifically). So with all of that said, I found Cam to be easier overall than
  2. I got my MPhil in POLIS at Clare College, Cambridge. Good news and bad news. The good news is, Cambridge is an awesome place. Great town, breathtakingly beautiful school/campus, and the residential college system there is just fantastic, even for grad students. Also, the MPhil program is significantly easier to get into than the PhD at POLIS at least. The bad news is that the POLIS department puts overwhelming emphasis on undergraduate GPA during the application process. I don't know what their official GPA average is, but for Americans I was told the minimum cutoff to be considered was a 3.7
  3. This place is really starting to feel like PSR...
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