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  1. I've taken several statistics classes (there aren't a lot at my university), specifically classes on Regression Analysis, Sampling Theory and Nonparametric statistics among some others. I haven't had any specific faculty recommendations yet since I'm still trying to flesh out my research interests, but I know I'll either choose American or Comparative as a field and that if I do choose Comparative that either East Asia or Eastern Europe would be my area of focus. I do appreciate any and all feedback though!
  2. Hey, I was hoping to look for some feedback on places to apply to get my Ph.D in Political Science given my stats. I'm aiming for a Fall 2021 start date, and I'm willing to go anywhere that'll provide full funding with a stipend and that'll give me a reasonably good chance of getting into a tenure-track position given my research interests. I'm not aiming for a tenure-track position at a top research university though, really any university or college will do. Program- Political Science B.A. with Statistics minor at a directional university, expected 3.9 GPA GRE- 160V 162Q (I could p
  3. Thanks for the insight, does anyone else have any input? I'm willing to look outside the south too if I get into a really highly ranked program, I just want to know which mid-tier schools punch above their weight in congressional studies.
  4. I'm looking to apply to a Ph.D program in American Politics and I was curious which colleges had the strongest departments for Congressional studies. I think I'll be applying to top 40 universities and if possible I'd like to stay in the south.
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