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  1. relax, it's not harming anyone, it's no biggie
  2. Congrats to y'all who got admitted to Wisconsin! I hear Madison is a super cool city (both weather and vibes). No email or interview for me so I can assume I've been denied, but that's ok, there's still 9 schools left for me to go.
  3. AP/Methods here, I didn't get accepted to UT Austin but was put on the waitlist. A little disappointing but that's ok, this is still my first decision to come in. Congrats to all of y'all who got accepted!
  4. Thanks y'all, I appreciate it! My subfield is AP/Methods (for Duke specifically, political institutions). It was a fairly short interview, they talked about the program for a while and then asked me about my research interests and my quantitative background and then left room for questions at the end. I don't know if it'll differ between professors but that was my experience, it was fairly relaxed but substantive.
  5. Bit late on this but I just had an interview with two POIs from Duke today. It was brief, only about 15 mins, and I haven't been notified of a decision yet but from what I could gauge things are looking positive. Fingers crossed, and best of luck to all of y'all!
  6. I originally planned to apply to 14 programs, but 2 of them cancelled admissions and I removed one from the list for not being a good enough fit, so now I'm at 11 programs. I feel like I spread them out pretty well with a few safety schools and a few reaches, so I'm just hoping that my application is enough to get me in somewhere even if there's a big uptick in applications and/or a downturn in cohort sizes. Speaking of cohort sizes, UC Berkeley had a graduate diversity admissions fair and the political science department had a webinar about the application process and the department itse
  7. don't try it honestly, just get it all done ahead of time so you don't have to worry about it. If there's a problem with uploading a file or if you have a question about the application, then you won't have time to reach out to the department to get your problem solved.
  8. I've taken several statistics classes (there aren't a lot at my university), specifically classes on Regression Analysis, Sampling Theory and Nonparametric statistics among some others. I haven't had any specific faculty recommendations yet since I'm still trying to flesh out my research interests, but I know I'll either choose American or Comparative as a field and that if I do choose Comparative that either East Asia or Eastern Europe would be my area of focus. I do appreciate any and all feedback though!
  9. Hey, I was hoping to look for some feedback on places to apply to get my Ph.D in Political Science given my stats. I'm aiming for a Fall 2021 start date, and I'm willing to go anywhere that'll provide full funding with a stipend and that'll give me a reasonably good chance of getting into a tenure-track position given my research interests. I'm not aiming for a tenure-track position at a top research university though, really any university or college will do. Program- Political Science B.A. with Statistics minor at a directional university, expected 3.9 GPA GRE- 160V 162Q (I could p
  10. Thanks for the insight, does anyone else have any input? I'm willing to look outside the south too if I get into a really highly ranked program, I just want to know which mid-tier schools punch above their weight in congressional studies.
  11. I'm looking to apply to a Ph.D program in American Politics and I was curious which colleges had the strongest departments for Congressional studies. I think I'll be applying to top 40 universities and if possible I'd like to stay in the south.
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