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  1. Congrats! Have you heard anything from UConn?
  2. I applied to this program as well. Haven't heard anything. I did get a fully funded offer from UConn Comms program. There were Professors in both departments that could support my interests, so I went for it. Crossing my fingers for us all!
  3. Within three to six days after acceptances last year and 2019. Check the Poli Sci Oracle here: https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/
  4. How are people ranking schools on here? I see a lot of talk about Top 50, Top 10 etc.... Are you all ranking them based on Undergrad ranking? I’m very curious. thanks
  5. Upload a new document in your portal for Yale. It states that whatever you upload will override the previous copy. At the bottom of the page you can choose to upload "supplementary documents". I'd write something up and put it there. Good luck.
  6. Looks like Trolls are claiming a Cornell offer.... Don't people have better things to do? 🤨
  7. In 2019 they announced on Feb 08th and 09th. In 2020 they announced on Feb 21st. So I'd assume it should be soon. In case you've missed this in previous posts: https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/ This gives you historical data based on the results feed. Cheers
  8. I agree with this whole heartedly. I currently make A LOT more than I will ever make as a Professor. But I’m not happy doing what I’ve done for the past decade or more.
  9. It was literally an hour ago.
  10. I got a big old fat rejection from Boston College. It was a generic email to check the portal.
  11. Looks like someone else also got a waitlist at UMass
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