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  1. I second everything above. I was in touch with the DGS and she told me that the waitlist was broken down into subfields and I was first for mine. So, I got extremely lucky that the person that declined was for my subfield.
  2. I have not decided officially, but there is a good chance. haha That is amazing! Congratulations!
  3. Since we cannot know for sure, I am going with that you were the one that helped me out!! Thank you so much!!! Have you decided where you are going yet?
  4. I was just notified that I got accepted off the waitlist at UMass!!!! To the beautiful person that turned down their spot, I owe you one!
  5. I was rejected from the PhD program and offered a spot for the MA program on Feb. 1st. I would email the DGS, they have been responsive and helpful in my discussions with them.
  6. I just broke down and emailed the department, because I was wondering the same thing! I will let you know what I hear back from them.
  7. Sadly, she did not tell me that. She just asked that I keep her up to date if I was still interested and that she would let me know as things change.
  8. Thanks! Public Law/American. I have a feeling it will take her awhile to send all those personal emails.
  9. It was a personal email from the chair for my waitlist. She said that they had double the applicant pool(160 compared to 80 last year) and that due toe Covid they had a smaller cohort this year. I know this doesn't help, but I thought I would share what she told me. Good luck!
  10. I just received a waitlist from Umass. It was an email from the Chair of the department.
  11. This is good news to see! Hopefully we hear from them by the end of the week.
  12. I was rejected at BC for the PhD program, but I was offered admission to the MA program. I am counting it as a net positive. Haha
  13. I just got an email invitation to the Pre-admissions welcome event at Northeastern!
  14. I'm sorry! I just posted the message out of being anxious. I am sure that you will have a handful of wonderful programs to pick from when it is all said and done!
  15. It seems like there is just one professor at Boston College going through every application and sending out rejection emails here and there. I am sticking with no news is good news. haha
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