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  1. Yes heard back last week too. Accepted to the MA but will decline since they didn't offer any funding. Heartbroken when hearing that they weren't accepting doctoral candidates this year. It was a great fit for me. Will decline soon, hope this means good news for someone else
  2. Me too. Waitlisted at Harvard. They told me that they were aiming at a cohort of only 8 people this year, but also let me know that it is a "very short" waitlist. Shouldn't keep hopes up but can't seem to stop
  3. Hi may i ask if you got an email or checked the portal yourself? Thanks a lot! Also, did anyone hear anything about MPhil in PolTheory?
  4. I have friends who went to college in Australia so my impression was that the educational system isn’t very different from that in Canada or the UK. In my recollection there have also been scholars who gave yearlong guest lectures or visited as fellows there. But I assume like anywhere else it’s easier to go from a North America education to employment elsewhere than the other way around. So you probably wanna consider whether you feel comfortable getting a teaching position there and staying in Australia (or perhaps you don’t see going into academia as the only option, in that case it’s
  5. Yes, i got an offer ysd as well. email directing to portal; 75% funding. Will decline soon, hope this means good news for someone else
  6. Have you looked at Cambridge's MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History program? They have a rolling admission and is open for applications until March 31. Granted it is pretty competitive but they've produced some of the world's foremost theorists and it can't hurt to try. I've had a couple professors that graduated from that program, and even if you aren't really into the Cambridge tradition of textual analysis, it is a very rigorous and useful (and not to mention very well-recognized) training for any kind of work you wanna do later on.
  7. PROFILEType of Undergrad Institution: very small Public Ivy, T40Major(s)/Minor(s): double majors in Government and German studiesUndergrad GPA: 4.0Type of Grad: /Grad GPA: /GRE: 170/168/5Any Special Courses: German philosophy, German literary studies, critical theory, Marxist theoryLetters of Recommendation: one letter from each of my major advisors (one tenured, one untenured), another one from a well-recognized scholar in the UKTeaching Experience: four semesters as TA in GermanOther: ICPSR summer (A and A+ for the courses I took) RESULTS (PHD)Acceptances (all $$): Northwe
  8. Gosh I’m sorry that you had to go through that rollercoaster!
  9. Thanks to all the help above. I think they all make a lot of sense and I will be talking to more people incl my advisors etc. Just as clarification, that "in an ordinary year" I would get an acceptance instead of wl is what the chair stated in the email to me. I would not presume to be able to get an acceptance for sure. I don't actually mind doing a MA because I am still waiting on the MPhil at Oxford, where I did a year abroad and had wonderful relationships with several professors. If funding turns out to be not a huge problem, I absolutely love the faculty and program at Oxford
  10. That is certainly true. if 2020 taught us anything it's there's no guarantee how much worse it could get... but still, can't seem to shake the terrible feeling called hope lol. I haven't decided but my partner is at Uchicago, so I might not live in Evanston.
  11. Could you perhaps elaborate on your reasons? Just wanna add that I am not implying that one of the programs is definitely better than the other, there's so many different factors going into it depending on particular research interests. I am more concerned with the difference in career prospect - esp with how bad the academic market generally is and will be, I have to also think about if a doctorate from Harvard opens more doors in the future.
  12. Received a waitlist from Harvard Govt ~3hrs ago. Theory subfield. Utterly surprised and a bit at sea right now, since I was rejected by every other school except for Northwestern, which is a great school and a fantastic fit for me. I have already begun communicating with students at NW, getting their advice on studying and living in Chicago etc. I am more than happy doing my doctorate at NW, but now knowing that "in an ordinary year" I could be getting into Harvard, I am wondering if I should do my masters first and reapply in another cycle? So I guess I am asking if there is r
  13. Re: status at NW, I’ve received an admission there and a couple days back I got another email from the department coordinator saying that in the coming days they’ll start putting up in touch w/ faculty and students. They haven’t started that process (at least it does not look like that for me, I’m theory field btw) so maybe they are not yet done with all admits? Wishing everyone good luck!
  14. I think nothing helped me personally as much as simply doing a lot of practice questions. There are tons of textbooks online and I just purchased most of them and did the questions.
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