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  1. I would consider applying to British PhD programs. On the whole political science in the UK is significantly less quant heavy than in the United States and with a lot more methodological variety! If you’re focused on the United States, Northwestern is considered to have a qualitative bent. I’d also recommend UBC in Canada which afaik, and I might be mistaken, is less quant focused than Toronto or McGill.
  2. Just received my Northwestern rejection. Lol it was two paragraphs long. Was this what they spent so long customising for everyone.
  3. I agree with @Dwar. Department rankings is paramount! The people who need to know will know!
  4. About the GRE, the Magoosh Vocal App is ace. I finished every set from common words to the advanced ones (usually people advise you to skip those, but don’t, because a lot of words came from them) and it helped massively!
  5. Anyone have any information on Stanford or MIT yet?
  6. Anyone know anything about Stanford? They appear to be later than usual this year!
  7. Also rejected UChicago, but app forwarded to CIR! 1a/0w/6r/5p
  8. It’s pretty insane considering they usually send out decisions in mid Jan!
  9. Received Michigan rejection as well. 1a/0w/4r/7p
  10. Hi, this is an incredibly stupid question, but could anyone tell me how to check private messages people send you? Is there like an inbox or something I don’t know about?
  11. Northwestern hasn’t sent me an acceptance but there’s no rejection letter either. I wonder what’s going on?
  12. 22k? Might be difficult to make ends meet, yeah 🥺
  13. Hi everyone, subfield Comparative Politics. I received my mail about 7 hours previously! I just only realised at the time I posted. Once again, best of luck guys!
  14. I also received an offer from UCLA tonight! I’m absolutely shocked and thrilled. I’d pretty much assumed I’d been rejected by nearly every single program but turns out that didn’t happen. Guys, keep fighting! It’s not the end till April 15th! Best of luck for the subsequent decisions!
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