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  1. I am waiting for instance until the last minute as you said because of the reasons behind my control : I am waiting for one university to release the decisions. If I would accept any offers I got and if other university I am waiting accepts me later which I would prefer, things will get complicated again for the people in the waitlist. I guess he was just stressed that director pushed him too much to make up his decision and after showing the comments he decided that he will decline the other offer!! It was a bit complicated story but now we are over. Thanks everyone!! I hope we al
  2. I do agree with the above comments. I am also telling him just pick one. Extra time he will get like 15 days or even a month won’t change anything his life but would have a huge effect on others. He is in the psychology department by the way- most political science applicants asked me the name of the schools. One reason, I guess, why he does this that graduate director from one university pushes him to accept or decline the offer as soon as possible even the deadline is the midst of April. It does not legitimatize his actions but he received four or five e-mails from the director. I think it i
  3. Can please somebody tell me what would happen if somebody accepts offers from two different universities at the same time? It is not me- I am still waiting for the deadline 15 April hoping to hear from York until then but my friend is doing it because he could not decide. There are people in the waitlist waiting and it won't be fair for them. I am just wondering is there a way that universities can prevent this such as acknowledging each other who accepted their offer?
  4. I can log in to portal, too. I guess it was just an error that they fixed. I e-mailed York again telling that almost all universities in US and Canada released the results. They responded "Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control, we do not have results to report on PhD admissions for international students. We are hopeful that these results can be released in the next few weeks."
  5. Anyone who applied to York: are you also having difficulties with logging into MyFile?
  6. Hello! Yes,indeed, thats what they have told me too. Lets wait for some time and keep each other informed if we get an update!
  7. Guys, would it be weird to send an e-mail to program director/coordinator to ask whether they assessed international applicants or when I should expect to hear from the department?
  8. Thanks! As far as I know, the department first released the results of the domestic students.
  9. Has anyone received any news from York.... I have zero patience. It is almost April!
  10. I hope you get accepted! Which programs and schools you heard from so far?
  11. For York applicants, in the portal it says no decision yet. But I saw that some people claimed that their status changed from no decision yet to under review. Should I contact the uni?
  12. I also applied to the York as an international student. If you see any updates on the portal, would you mind sharing it in the future? I think they will take only 1 international student and I wish you luck too. I also do not expect a positive result but still wondering.
  13. For York applicants: could you please share it here too when you hear from them? I guess they do not send emails instead decision appers on the portal. And they get 1 international student...
  14. Claiming a rejection from Northwestern... Finally..
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