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  1. Maryland! Very excited. Waiting to hear from some waitlists and some pendings before I make the final decision, but the fit is so good and their conflict professors are amazing so I’m super happy.
  2. Same! Conflict studies, with a focus on systems analysis.
  3. Hey! I did a couple of days ago. Putting in the official paperwork today, so hopefully an offer comes your way. I am IR. This was a really tough decision because Syracuse is such a great school. Good luck!
  4. Hey all. I hope this leads to some great news for someone out there. Just declined my very generous offer from Syracuse. It’s a brilliant school and this was a very tough decision, but I wanted to make it quickly to give someone on the waitlist some good news. I am IR.
  5. Good luck to you too! Will update if I hear anything
  6. Has anyone received funding offers from Syracuse?
  7. Claiming a waitlist for Yale! Stoked! What a year.
  8. Hey. Just curious... what’s the split on Python vs. R here? I have done a fair bit of Python but recently took up R for a new research job.
  9. They said they would send detailed funding through shortly!
  10. Mine was about 30 mins. Very chatty. Good luck!
  11. Hey! It was an email from the DGS. Super lovely. No funding info yet but said he would get back to me shortly. I hope they are rolling them out slowly. Definitely not automated. Good luck!
  12. Yeah! They assumed I knew ahha! My advice is to go in with heaps of questions about the program. They are so enthusiastic about it and keen to let you know all the great opportunities. I was just reeling from being accepted. I’m not sure I was coherent!
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