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  1. Agree, and considering the gossip I keep hearing (it looks like they tend to turn into self-fulfilling prophecies) from various universities, everyone thinks we are not going to enjoy old numbers of available spots. The timing sucks, speaking of our poor, nasty, brutal, and relatively short cycle.
  2. Got something from Yale but I am not able to download my application status page successfully so I will be schrödingering for a while edit: a rejection I think anyway
  3. Congratulations!! My heart was broken after a professor who helped me A LOT said that he decided to leave UT and retire because I told him that I did not want to apply there (I am an international student, and I am not sure I would like to fund 100% of my Ph.D. fees). I have been feeling shitty since then💁‍♀️
  4. + gregmat and vince kotchian-i liked them and think I will get back to them to refresh my gre powers in case this cycle is not nice to me
  5. Speaking of /possible/ n+1 application cycle, I got curious: I keep seeing lots of posts (not on this thread) about how people who got rejected got feedback and - using it - improved their sop/sample, applied again, and got offers. Who do they ask for comments? I mean, if you get a rejection letter, and your POI is in the committee, and you are in contact, then yes, asking him/her sounds like a good thing to do. But what if this is not the case? Who to reach out to? Or it is not a common thing to do, and there is no one (except for the situation I briefly sketched above) a rejected applicant
  6. My thoughts exactly. Been thinking about how this side of Gradcafe that no one knows about (in my country, at least) turned out to be my safe space since I don’t feel like I can bother my friends or advisors with the issues that phd application provokes this year, so I am grateful to everyone here, who knows and understands!
  7. Thank your for the answer and I want to say that I support it 100%!
  8. I am being just curious: why? (Regarding your TOEFL acores)
  9. Also rejected, and this is my first. Still, while waiting, I reevaluated my understanding of my own fitness for Berkeley and Berkeley’sfitness for me, especially since I am in the middle of an unexpected shift of interests and they do not align well with the faculty, so I accepted the rejection - a bad pun intended - with grace. Sending good vibes to everyone who also got the “no” news!
  10. Reminded me of this piece https://www.chronicle.com/article/social-justice-austerity-and-the-humanities-death-spiral?cid2=gen_login_refresh&cid=gen_sign_in however speculative the article may sound, the general message speaks to my heart and mind
  11. Sometimes I just want to accumulate the powers of our minds and use it to punch these brilliant advocates of what they think is the true virtue of administrative/managerial phronesis right into their zoomed faces; sometimes, the logic of budgeting/funding/etc gets me so angry
  12. yes, this information came from me and broke my heart (and sometimes I dream that they had a change of mind and decided they are crazy about political theory so they need more new students)
  13. I did, but no results by now, although expected a bit since my poi thinks it is unlikely that someone is going be accepted to work with him this year :)) but I totally get your Mr. Socrates, I'm not feeling well state
  14. Literally my state of mind since sept/aug when I found out about “no Columbia this year” and smaller cohorts ™️ (for the first time).
  15. (1) Irrational political behavior and emotions, (2) transitory regimes and periods when there is a breakdown of the illusion of the real/concrete order; (*) plus I expressed a special interest in q’s regarding the construction of original methodologies that would work with these topics.
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