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  1. Thank you for the advice! I was leaning that way but I needed a little nudge.
  2. Hello, Thank you for posting. I'm having a hard time deciding between an MA at Berkeley in their new global studies program and CIR. CIR gave 2/3 scholarship while Berkeley offers a generous full tuition remission and a healthy stipend for their numerous GSI positions. Is an MA at Chicago worth 26,000 in loans? I want to get a Phd and pursue a research oriented career rather than policy. I'm excited about the possibility of branding myself as a Chicago student for Phd applications (and obviously the rigorous program and amazing research) but I am hoping Berkeley can deliver similar results if I push out some strong research and a good proposal.
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    CIR Chicago

    Hello all, I was accepted to the CIR program at Chicago (very excited and surprised) with 38k in funding. Yet this still means I need to shell out a lot of money for a masters. I plan to follow through with a phd program. I'm very interested in improving my language skills and doing a research assistantship. Are these goals feasible in a single year in such a rigorous program? Is 19,000 dollars in debt a deathtrap for a masters? Is this an normal amount of funding? I'm basically right out of undergraduate with a little research experience and time abroad (+bad quant GRE). I'm not willing to wait for another application round. Any advice?
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