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  1. I can't speak for econs' experience (though I'm pretty sure my econ friends, all international, liked it), but I know 3 econ MAPSS students who were admitted directly to UChicago's econ PhD program from MAPSS after the first year (without having to apply). Don't know if that was a 1 time thing or not, though
  2. For what it's worth, my professors have recommended not to go into debt if I can avoid it. And it's not like Berkeley isn't a great school for political science. And it sounds like Berkeley really wants you Unless CIR is so much better and Berkeley has poor placement, I'd say you should go with Berkeley Congrats on the scholarships though!
  3. FYI some top ma programs aren't necessarily unfunded (MAPSS, Oxford, and Cambridge all have funding opportunities for example - don't know about others)
  4. What are your research interests? Where do you want to study? You have advisors and professors at LSE you can talk to, right? Have you spoken to them?
  5. Thanks for the response! It sounded like some of your meetings were pre-scheduled. Did you not reach out to profs for 1 on 1s? Were they scheduled for you usually?
  6. I think 500 words is far too short. That's something 1 page singe-spaced/2 pages double-spaced, right? My "fit" section in my SOPs was 250 words alone; each of my SOPs was roughly 1000 words (2 pages single-spaced). I don't think you can sell yourself successfully with such a short SOP :/
  7. On average, how many professors did you speak with at each school (if you don't mind my asking)?
  8. If you can afford it and if you think you can do just as well (or comparably well) in V/Q on the first go round, I don't see why not
  9. That's about right for new assistant professors, per the ASA (though I suspect salary increased over the past couple years, and salary isn't equivalent to compensation)
  10. How important are the methods courses? I'm concentrating in theory and don't have a strong methods background - I'm afraid a graduate-level methods course would pretty much level me :/ Similarly, how are your experiences with fields outside your own? Did you have upper-level training in other subfields before taking classes in them? Thanks!
  11. I received my acceptance to the program yesterday. I didn't receive a funding package, and after looking at the website, I realized they don't usually fund MA programs. That obviously doesn't speak to the quality of the program - and I will contact them, just in case; maybe I can get something - but I do think it's worth noting.
  12. Why on Earth would you ever talk shit about the professors at the department you are considering attending? o.0
  13. Congrats! Out of curiosity, do you know if you will be attending the program yet? (Feel free to PM if you're more comfortable with that)
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