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  1. @muskratsam I wanted to attend but I already signed up for the march against the first amendment
  2. Wait, if the cornell program is MPS, I didn't think they released the results yet? I thought Ivy day is supposed to be on the 28th.
  3. It's Thursday. I haven't heard back from a single school yet. My prediction might have been wrong lol.
  4. @iqueequeg Cool, I applied to the same program but haven't heard anything from them yet. Did you apply in January or something? I think decisions came out for some people on the 14th which is before the deadline to apply lol.
  5. Not dealing that well lol. I check applyweb and the results page embarrassingly often
  6. I'm curious about you guys who applied mainly to california schools - are you intending to find a career in your field and stay in the state?
  7. Do you see yourself landing a job that would return better on the difference in cost between the two schools? If yes, go to UMD, else go to the other school.
  8. @minsifye I think at least a 160 in the quantitative section to be competitive. You're applying to mostly canadian schools though, so I'm not sure how much they value the GRE. Here in the US, they usually have thresholds that you have to be above to even be considered. Then you're compared to other students where the GRE is used as one variable among many.
  9. You can buy an iphone SE for like $100 from walmart or bestbuy nowadays.
  10. I have a feeling we're going to get some spicy decisions this week. I'm stocking up on alcohol as we speak
  11. Did anyone here apply to the MPS program in Statistics at Cornell? Last year, results came out on the 16th of March, has anyone heard back from them?
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