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  1. Thought I should chime in with my results, although I'm def not in the same league as you guys haha. Got into UT Austin's Business Analytics, CMU's MISM in the Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Track, USF DS with a scholarship, and got waitlisted at NYU(I'm assuming there's almost no chance to get off this so in my mind this is a reject). Rejected from GATech MSiA and NU MSiA. Not heard from Columbia DS yet so I'm assuming it'll either be a waitlist or rejection. I'll likely be headed to CMU if I don't hear from Columbia soon. Let me know if you guys need any info on CMU
  2. Glad someone created this thread! @KMickey from what I've heard, interviews for MSiA are done in two rounds, I think the ones who applied by the regular deadline will be interviewed around mid-Feb and the ones who applied by the priority deadline should have been interviewed early this year or late last year. But I wouldn't lose hope, given how uncertain the admissions process has become due to COVID, I would definitely not be surprised if you received an invite soon. I'd contact current students to get a confirmation from them. FYI, I applied to the following schools(I was rejected from
  3. Anyone else receive a long email from NYU stating that their application was still being considered and that they would attempt to release most of their pending decisions by the 18th? I really want to empathize with them given how bad the situation is in New York, but I feel like they're toying with a lot of people's futures by waiting this long to release admits just to preserve their yield. I mean, come on. Most people who apply to these programs are are highly qualified and have likely spent days mulling over their application. Now many of them(including me) might not even get to go their
  4. Is there anyone here who applied to Northwestern during the regular deadline and also got an invitation to interview? I'm really not liking my chances if an interview is essentially a requirement for getting in haha. Also has anyone heard back from :- GTech Analytics(On-Campus) NYU Data Science Thanks in advance!
  5. Haven't heard from any of these yet. I'd like to know about Northwestern as well. Judging from previous year's threads, it seems like some people should have gotten interview calls already. Applied: Georgia Tech Analytics Northwestern Analytics CMU Management of Information Systems(Business Intelligence and Data Analytics) UC Berkeley Industrial Eng. and Operations Research(Data Analytics) Columbia Data Science(App Deadline hasn't passed yet) NYU Data Science UMinn Twin Cities Data Science.(App Deadline hasn't passed yet).
  6. Hey Guys! I am currently a Civil Engineering undergrad at Berkeley who also happens to be an international student! I'm currently finishing up my sophomore year and my Cumulative GPA is about a 3.4, with a 3.2 Technical GPA(I took one or two "easy" non technicals that gave it a slight boost). I was initially pretty certain that I wanted to go to Grad School(engineering), but I'm honestly discouraged about my GPA severely limiting my grad school options. Does anyone know if Upper division courses are more heavily taken into consideration by grad school admissions committees? And do they f
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