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  1. Hey guys, I am going to be starting grad school this fall so I'm wondering if anyone wants to share an apartment in Evanston or nearby. I am a 23 yr old male, pretty tidy, looking to live walking or biking distance from campus. Let me know if you're interested in sharing an apartment!
  2. @Elephas Are you taking a look at graduate housing options? I like Englehart which would be pretty cheap with a roommate. Not sure where to start looking for a roommate in Evanston though lol.
  3. @rising_star What is it about NJ that puts people off so much? I feel the same way about it, but I can't put my finger on the exact reason.
  4. Guys, the US News ranking methodology is heavily flawed. Here's an interesting read about why: https://goo.gl/eW8Jvu I think their marketing has duped those of us who rely on it to form opinions about the quality of academic programs.
  5. @sweetchild What's your order of preference including the schools you're waiting for?
  6. Do you guys think admissions offices will be open tomorrow (good friday) or the rest of next week? I'm getting antsy over here...
  7. @Elephas Just got in to the MS CS program today! Do you know where you'll be living?
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