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  1. Elephas

    When to send/request transcripts?

    You should start by checking when each school requests transcripts be sent (perhaps after acceptance). After finding out those dates I would have them sent at least 3 weeks in advance of that deadline to ensure there is time not only for them to arrive but for the grad school to see them and process them. Finally I would recommend that you check with the graduate admissions office to see what kind of transcripts they accept (i.e. physical vs online) and make sure you send the right format. I had one school say they accept online but they later said only via xyz software which my undergrad school didn't use so I ended up having to resend a physical copy.
  2. Elephas

    Being shy about talking about your accomplishments

    In my position as someone who has a general idea of where I'd like my career to go coming out of undergrad I sometimes feel guilty posting all of my accomplishments. So I typically only post about a sampling of them now and again and with delays in between. I.e. I got two awards but only posted about one until many months later posting about the other(as a part of my graduation accomplishments). I also feel like sometimes it may seem like I am trying to outshine everyone else which is why I pick and choose what to share. I typically share with close peers/family and my institution these types of things and they end up posting about it before I do on occasion. I am thinking about starting up a personal website this summer so that I can keep things like this on the professional side but still have some place to put it and be proud (not a blog but an "about me" "my research interests"... type site)
  3. Elephas

    Regrets and "if only's"

    You may find this forum helpful:
  4. Elephas

    MRes at Imperial vs PhD at Purdue

    Ah I see, I guess I would compare the cost of living in both areas also. You're correct that you would be able to save a lot of money in the US which could be beneficial when you're ready to move to the next place. I would consider looking at past alumni profiles and see if you can reach out and see who went abroad post degree. I am not sure as that was only anecdotal but seeing as abroad most programs are much shorter there'd be less time for developing skills in teaching etc.
  5. Elephas

    MRes at Imperial vs PhD at Purdue

    Are you saying that post the American PhD program you would earn significantly less in Europe? One thing I will say is that I met a PhD graduate who studied in England but came to the US to complete a post-doctorate because according to him "Since English PhD's are much more research based you do not get the same experience in teaching and other professional training as in the US, this is why I came here so that I can be more attractive to be hired in the UK later. US students are more likely to get hired straight out of college than a English student." So that's 2 cents that I have heard from elsewhere.
  6. Elephas

    Good GPA with Limited Research Experience?

    You could consider taking the research paper that you already have and rework it over the summer to submit for your application. I edited one of my writing samples before applying just to make sure it was properly cited and fully coherent.
  7. Elephas

    Trying to decide what I should study

    I'm not very familiar with your interests the inter sectional aspects might relate to Information schools which U Michigan has so you might take a look at those.
  8. Elephas


    Have you discussed with the director at NSU that you are very interested in attending but are hesitant because of funding? This may help increase your funding package especially since you have another funded offer already.
  9. Elephas

    How can I get certified in welding?

    This largely is a forum for higher education so I think a better bet for an answer to your question would be to ask it here https://www.reddit.com/r/Welding/
  10. Elephas

    PhD-Chemical Engineering No reponse

    Now would be the time to reevaluate why you'd want to pursue a PhD. I wouldn't accept any unfunded offers, but if you're still interested in pursuing this degree strengthen your application with research/experience and apply again next year.
  11. I know of a service ran by a woman who is currently a PhD student and she does work like this http://www.mertinawriting.com/. She should have some price examples on her website for reference what she charges.
  12. Though I'm not in graduate school yet I'll say what has been discussed with me and how I applied. Graduate schools and Ph.D. programs are to teach you how to be thoughtful and how to independently develop research questions and answer them yourself. Naturally this does require some level of independence in completing assignments, papers, etc in a timely manner but so do many aspects of your career. In terms of asking for help with applications that's absolutely appropriate! Your supervisor isn't there to judge you they're there to help you highlight and discover your own voice. In the beginning especially they are likely to expect that you will have more questions and as you gain experience in the program that you'll naturally begin to answer them on your own, and ask for their help after exhausting other resources. When I wrote my research statements I started out with a bullet point list of things I thought would be interesting. For each I then bulleted ways I could approach the question, resources I would need presently, and background information i would need to gather. I then took this list to one of my current advisors who gave suggestions and led me to my more solidified research proposal which I was able to use in applying to graduate school. After I compiled the entire statement I went back for more advice and was told I had focused too much in one spot and not enough in another. All this clarification is what I believe helped me compile the most thorough proposal I could have, and was a statement that many of my interviewers/PIs were able to reference and ask deeper questions about.
  13. Elephas

    Provisional admission

    It sounds like it wouldn't hurt for you to follow with faculty you think align with you it could remind someone about you or initiate interest in you.
  14. I've received emails like this. If the emails have any unsubscribe link at the bottom you should be able to click on that and opt out, that's what I did for a few schools. If not you could email the department administrator who updates the who gets emails list and ask to be removed from it as you've accepted another school.
  15. Elephas

    PhD offer with concerning placements

    I think that you have a great idea of what you're looking to do and that taking the funded masters to get into an ideal PhD program aligned more closely with your interests makes sense also. I think that taking the PhD program that doesn't closely match your interests would not help your productivity in trying to complete the degree. Though the masters is funded would you still be taking on debt to complete the degree? I'd talk to current students/alumni to see if they thought that any debt was worth it and see if there are alternative funding opportunities to help cover the rest of the cost.

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