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  1. gradschoolprobs

    Does this sound like good news

    I've contacted a prof who has agreed to be my supervisor so that I can apply to the program and he also suggested that I approach a new prof to co-supervise. The new prof said she is confused because the prof asked her to be a committee member only. She also said she is looking for students as well but won't fight with the prof, that the program is competitive, and that she is on the admissions committee and that "we will see what happens". I thought it might be annoying to report everything back to the first prof and so I just said the new prof can be a committee member and asked whether I need to contact other faculty to show interest in the program. The first prof said it's good news and didn't say I have to contact other profs. Am I just overthinking about what the new prof said?
  2. No, I think it's good to let them know you have applied because it shows you are serious about it.
  3. gradschoolprobs

    Campus visits? Worth it?

    Definetely go visit.
  4. gradschoolprobs

    Question to Ask Department?

    Why are you contacting department staff rather than professors themselves?
  5. gradschoolprobs

    What to wear? Tips for a visit?

    Definetely business casual.
  6. gradschoolprobs

    Need a research advisor

    Don't ask about funding immediately. Start by contacting a prof that you are most interested in working with to introduce yourself and request for a meeting to discuss more about research interests.
  7. I am 0.06 points away from meeting my dream program's minimum average requirement. I've discussed with a professor from the program about it which he said doesn't matter. Would the admissions committee care more or do professors have the final say?
  8. In my statement I have info about the program, the supervisor, my professional and educational experiences. A prof said I need to talk more about my "identity". What does that mean?
  9. Why is it that some schools require meeting potential supervisors first before applying whereas some other schools don't? Also, what do admissions committee care most in an application?
  10. gradschoolprobs

    Is it normal to feel bored in a Masters program

    Hi there Thank you for sharing your experiences! I thought I am the only one lol. I guess I am interested in 1-2 courses, but I feel it's always learning about what research is out there without making connections to practice.
  11. Maybe it is just me, but I don't find that much of a difference between Undergrad and Masters. Definitely there is more exposure to theories and more internship/research opportunities, but all professors are teaching their own area without making connections to other courses. I feel like I'm just learning stuff to get a degree and there is constraint in what we are learning. Is it normal to feel bored? Also, is it true that PhD programs allow more independence and creativity?
  12. gradschoolprobs

    What are the benefits with co-supervision

    Good points! I worry about that! 😥
  13. gradschoolprobs

    What are the benefits with co-supervision

    I'm sorry to hear this happened to you
  14. gradschoolprobs

    What are the benefits with co-supervision

    Good advice, thanks! I'll keep this in mind.
  15. gradschoolprobs

    What are the benefits with co-supervision

    Thank you! Sorry, I actually haven't heard back from the assistant prof yet about my transcript. I was thinking of the worst case scenario and hope to hear back soon.

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