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  1. gradschoolprobs

    2019 Waitlist Thread

    Hi everyone, I've been on the waitlist since mid-Feb and don't think there will be movement until April :( Yesterday, I had followed up with PI and he said he has heard nothing as well. Does this mean my program's committee does not inform PI about anything?
  2. gradschoolprobs

    Reply to waitlist notice

    Hey there :) Yes, you should email back if you are still interested. I've done this for programs in the past and always turned out better than worse. Good luck!
  3. On my grad school's application website, I see that some programs have already closed whereas my program is still open. Does this mean they are putting me on the back burner and waiting to see if there are better applicants until September? I've been on the waitlist since mid-Feb and the reason is because others have higher averages.
  4. gradschoolprobs

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    Thank you! I'll try that out if I am officially out of the game after this summer.
  5. gradschoolprobs

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    Thanks again for your insight. Could it be that I've annoyed them? I don't understand why I didn't make it because of just grades
  6. gradschoolprobs

    For those of us who haven't heard yet...

    Hi everyone, I was notified 2 weeks ago by the PhD program director about being waitlisted (it was a "will keep you posted" type of email). I still replied expressing my interest to remain on the waitlist and the director replied noting my interest. Earlier today, I followed up again asking if there has been an update, and the director right away in a few minutes responded. The email started off with, "At this point in time, our PhD acceptances have exceeded our quote for the 2019-2020 year and we are full..." but ended with "I can keep you on the waitlist, as you never know what may happen, but I thought I'd honestly let you know where things stand." I've replied that I would like to remain on the waitlist and asked what esle I can improve on. The director said, "Will do. I think it was just that the other averages were higher. It all depends on the competition." Do you think there is still a chance? I didn't get any official letter on the application portal. I know some people won't hear back until end of March/early April.
  7. gradschoolprobs

    Time length to make decisions?

    Thank you!
  8. gradschoolprobs

    Time length to make decisions?

    Btw, is it a good sign if POI still responds to my email? I had asked about waitlist movement which POI said has not heard but fingers crossed? Thanks!
  9. gradschoolprobs

    Time length to make decisions?

    Thank you! I'll give this a try next week or so.
  10. gradschoolprobs

    Time length to make decisions?

    Thank you! Does this also apply for non-American programs?
  11. gradschoolprobs

    Time length to make decisions?

    Hi everyone, I've been on a waitlist for about 2 weeks now. When can I expect to hear the next update? How many days/weeks are accepted people given to decide on an offer? I recall that for my Masters I was given 10 days to decide. How is it for PhD programs? Thank you!
  12. gradschoolprobs

    Would it be ok to email POI about waitlist movement

    Thank you so much! I guess I'll try to wait until closer to end of March. Also, I noticed that my application is still "under review" yet the program director had notified me of the waitlist. Does this sound like I am high on the waitlist?
  13. I was notified about 1.5 weeks ago by my dream PhD program's director that I was waitlisted and I did follow-up to express my continued interest in the program. I had also sent my POI an update about it as well, but because I didn't ask him any questions, I didn't get any response. Would it be ok to email my POI next week to ask if there has been waitlist movement?
  14. gradschoolprobs

    What does it mean to get an early waitlist

    Thank you! Does it sound like there is a good chance? My application is under review, but the email was from the program director. Was it better to hear of being waitlisted rather than hearing nothing?
  15. My dream PhD program's website says that decisions are typically made late March/early April. However, I received an email today from the program director that I have been waitlisted. Email said: "I just wanted to let you know that the grad committee has put you on a waitlist for admittance into our PhD program. The applicants pool was very strong and we only have so many spots. I promise to keep you posted as we see how many acceptances we receive in the coming weeks. Thanks for applying!" And so, I replied back expressing again my interest and to update what I've been doing. The director then replied with, "Thanks for your email. I know you are keen and I can appreciate your interest in the program. Your recent (data collection) trip sounds amazing!" Why did I get an early waitlist?

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