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  1. It was for historic preservation at Tulane! Through the architecture school
  2. I caved and emailed admissions and they told me they'd be releasing decisions today!
  3. If you are starting a program either in the summer or the fall, how far in advance should one be actively pursuing apartments?
  4. @TheHoff which school is flying you out? That's awesome, congrats!!
  5. I'm just so anxious because of the whole mid february thing. Like now that it's after that it could come any minute but the wait feels agonizing, especially with all my eggs in one basket.
  6. I'm thinking it's gonna come in by the end of the day Friday. I want to call/email admissions but I also don't want to bother them so I won't lol
  7. When they say decisions out by mid february but it's after mid february and now I'm on edge
  8. Is anyone else getting more anxious every day? I only applied to one school and they said they were "hoping to have most, if not all, decisions out by mid February". Share your anxieties!
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