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  1. Finally, I can add to this!!! I was in a meeting at work when my phone rang. I recognized the area code and politely excused myself from the meeting (it's one we have weekly, I wasn't missing much). I fast-walked to my office while answering the phone, and it was a member of the admissions committee letting me know I got in! After a brief conversation discussing admitted students day and when to expect my formal offer letter, I had to quietly go back to that meeting to wrap things up and pretend like this didn't just happen. But I called and texted a bunch of friends and fami
  3. @ringoandme thank you so much!! I think I'm mostly just rattled after receiving another rejection. Those tips are really helpful! My interview is in about four hours, you're not too late. I'm still a ball of anxiety, but less so now that a few hours have passed. I wrote a to do list of things to prepare me in the hour before the interview (at work until then) and I think between these things, the items you mentioned and in the other threads, and some mindfulness/grounding activities I should be a lot better prepared.
  4. I've heard back from all schools. Haven't updated my signature yet because (let's be honest) my self-esteem is shot. All rejections except for one 15 minute Skype interview, scheduled for later today, and I just received my last rejection. I know this topic has been posted before, but I'm getting desperate. I need all the interview tips I can get. Based on the email I received, the interview will be with two members of the admissions committee (neither of which are the POI). I'll be prepared to discuss my research interests, my interests with the specific program, and I have a few questio
  5. Honestly it wasn't that bad for me (probably because I wasn't expecting to get into that school). And I think I may not have received an email because I checked the portal - this is just a hunch, but someone else who was rejected from the same program posted on the results page about it the day after I found out. So I think maybe they could see that I already checked the status and I wasn't sent the "update to check portal" email because of that. Waiting sucks worse than knowing it's a rejection. I'm still checking the portals for the other schools I've applied to haha
  6. I checked a portal last week and found a rejection. Still haven't gotten an email from that school
  7. I think I'm missing something here - what's cringey about wearing ten year old shirt?
  8. Worries: having just gotten my first rejection last night from my top choice, I'm now worried I won't get in anywhere. Excitement: this means if I do go to grad school this fall, it'll be in a new to me city! That's exciting, right? Right???
  9. I spent a few hours today developing a color-coded calendar of results dates for all of my schools.... This is not good. I mean the calendar is kinda good, but my reaction to the waiting period is not.
  10. I agree completely. This is the place to vent all those frustrations, can't talk too much about this stuff to friends and family!
  11. A few days ago, I looked though the results and found that two of the schools I've applied to sent out some acceptances on the equivalent of today last year (Jan 26 2018). The result of this realization? I've been able to focus on literally nothing else today and am constantly refreshing the results page, the application pages of those schools, and my email in the hopes that something will appear. Like, I've been doing this literally ever 2 minutes. Anyone else experiencing something similar?
  12. I'm waiting for responses, too! Good luck everyone!
  13. I'm applying this season as well! Interested in child welfare and trauma. I'm planning on applying to UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington, University of Chicago, and University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. I might cross one or two off my list before the end of the application season, though. I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sexuality Studies from UC Davis and an MSSW with a concentration in Administration and Policy Planning from University of Texas at Austin. No clinical experience post-LMSW, but a few years-ish of research experience. GRE scores: 162 V 155 Q 5.5
  14. Just noticed I made a mistake in my first comment. I'm co-authoring a book CHAPTER, not a whole book!
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