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  1. sent an email to my top school asking if there was any more master's funding - expecting absolutely nothing - and got a response saying they'll give me another $10k (on top of the tuition/fees and $10k stipend they were already giving me). & sweet baby jesus I was genuinely shocked by that. i literally just asked if i could work for more money and they said , 'here, have this 10k for free' 😯 v happy
  2. Has anyone gotten any official responses from Berkeley?
  3. Has anyone who has applied to Columbia completed the online interview yet? Just wondering what questions I should be expecting.
  4. No, domestic. Also, I was actually notified of acceptance to Northwestern a couple of days ago. But didn't apply to Stanford so wouldn't know much on that.
  5. If anyone's applied to UC Berkeley, does the line below 'Application Status' say 'Grad 20' ? Only asking because I swear that 'Grad 20' wasn't there a day ago but might just be going crazy.
  6. Does Berkeley have an Open House / Visit Day for the MS program? If so, when is it and when do they send invitations? Just got notified by UCSD of an invitation for their program so wondering if I should expect anything of Berkeley.
  7. got MS acceptance at UC Davis , was my undergrad so not too surprised.
  8. MS. Today got an invitation for an open house at the University of Washington. They say I'm a "top applicant" but not sure what that means exactly in terms of acceptance.
  9. I also received that notification and saw my status changed to released. Wondering what's going on if it's happening to everyone
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