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  1. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    Do you know when you are supposed to get your result?
  2. TwirlingBlades

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    That must be so liberating
  3. TwirlingBlades

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Work study
  4. TwirlingBlades

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Wow, that is really frustrating. It’s annoying having to repeat yourself over and over. Just curious as as to what your response to this text was?
  5. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I want to emphasize this. Adelaide has said multiple times that she is not the one that said the comments re: jealousy. I agree, however, that they are not worth repeating, especially because OP has said that she doesn’t necessarily share those same views. I do also think some of the reactions by OP are worrying. I hope these kind of defensive and borderline rude comments towards fellow academics are contained to the internet. (And I am saying this as someone who thinks some of the things written in this thread were phrased poorly by commenters).
  6. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I echo the non-thesis option as a backup. My program had 4 different exit exams we could choose from (thesis, research experience (basically a research paper), practicum, and written comp exam). I understand that the scholarship and PhD acceptance might be hindered by not finishing your thesis, but absolutely worst case you want to finish this degree.
  7. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    Let’s also remember that it is hard to clearly read tone over text. Although I disagreed with Chanandler’s initial post, I don’t think there was malice behind it and they had a valid perspective. I do agree with Chanandler’s second, longer post, I will say. The very first post that wasn’t positive resulted in a “leave me alone”. I have been following Adelaide’s journey as well and I am crushed for her, but if you are posting on a public forum, expect criticism. And I agree that it is just the first in a long line of failures in academia. Telkanuru’s post pretty much summed it up well.
  8. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    This is incredibly harsh. Adelaide has said that her work was not perfect. The comments about being treated unfairly were coming from her family/friends. I can’t say whether the grader was overly harsh as claimed, but it seems that the bigger issue was an overconfident advisor. If you read some of Adelaide’s posts from the past year, it appears that she was given very little guidance on how to approach the data collection and synthesize the material. Adelaide has also said multiple times that she has been working on her thesis non-stop. Now, I do agree that the thesis was probably not very good (I don’t mean that as a reflection of Adelaide’s abilities or intelligence) because it does take a lot to fail a thesis outright. But again, it seems that the advisor was ill-prepared to guide Adelaide through this process. It is possible that multiple people are to blame AND that the work wasn’t up to par because of that.
  9. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I see. Very interesting situation. Purposefully failing someone would be a big deal, but that certainly doesn't rule out pre-judgmental thoughts. Are you getting other eyes on your thesis? I ask because I would be hesitant to other rely on your advisors advice when she seemed to underestimate the evaluator the first time. Saying things like "very few chances [you] fail again" is kind of worrying (although I don't know that tone or context this was said in. I definitely think taking an extra month to read and give results is a huge deal. That alone is sketchy. Usually these are pretty hard deadlines. You can do it!!!
  10. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I’m glad she apologized. What does she think of the comments (why does she think you should have passed)?
  11. TwirlingBlades

    Different Scenarios/issues in Research and how to tackle them.

    A literature review does NOT consist of straight summaries of the articles you are referencing. This is a common mistake with new graduate students and undergrads. A lit review should be a comprehensive overview of the relevant topics and methods that your research article/thesis is going to be about/using. The studies will be referenced to strengthen your review. Going back a bit: Research is usually based off of holes in the current research, or retesting protocols for reliability. A good place to start finding a specific research topic/question is by reading research articles relevant to the overarching topics and reading the “future research” part of the conclusion. You can use those articles with relevant conclusions to write your literature review. You can then flesh out your methods and read more articles that cover relevant topics and methods. It’s better to read and reference more articles and pair them down later than have too few references. You can also keep adding to your literature review in the process of conducting research. Methods, scope, and even specific topic can change over the course of research. I suggest keeping your references in categories so you can easily sort through them. If you read back through your manuscript and you talk about something that is not referenced in your introduction, it may be something that could be added to your intro/lit review. I’m not sure if this helped, or if I completely missed your question, but lit reviews are my fave so please comment or PM me with more questions. I can also give specific examples if needed!
  12. TwirlingBlades

    I failed my thesis.

    I am so sorry, Adelaide. I remember one of your first posts about your thesis idea. Feel free to PM me. Sending you good thoughts.
  13. TwirlingBlades

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    I'm American but I lived in the heart of Paris for a few years when I was a child. Notre Dame was one of my favorite places, my family would go multiple times a month. I liked lighting those little candles. It's so devastating.
  14. TwirlingBlades

    Continuing @ same school undergrad -> master's

    I did my UG and G at the same university. I completed my bachelors early (finished in 3 years, in the US bachelors are usually 4 years), and completed the masters in 2. My university doesn't have a PhD program for my area of study. I didn't really consciously do anything differently. There is a lot less time spent physically in class (I had 3 classes per semester for my first year, then 2 classes per semester for my second year + thesis hours). I also had an assistantship outside of my department which took up a LOT of my time. This means that I had the ability to (mostly) schedule my own time since I didn't have to physically be in class more than 2 or 3 days. That was definitely a learning curve. My second year was taken up mostly by my assistantship and writing my thesis/collecting lab data, all of which had to be scheduled by me. Especially the first semester, before I started to get into my research, it was hard to not just sleep all day, since I felt like I had so much time (I only had class T/Th mornings, and M evening). That quickly went away though, all of the work started to pile up during second semester/end of first year. Sorry this isn't super helpful, but grad school by nature is different and you will learn to adhere to a new way of learning! About half or so of the students in my program went to the same university for UG, so that was really cool. It was nice to work with the same professors and continue working on projects from UG, so definitely take advantage of that.
  15. TwirlingBlades

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    Taxes are irritating. I ended an assistantship in May due to graduating, started a W2 job, and have a 1099 job (teaching figure skating on the side). It's not *hard*, just annoying. Plus trying to gather all the stuff I want to write off for 1099. Boooo.

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