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  1. It depends, make sure that GTA/GRA is not apart of the GEM package. They might give you GEM and part of the contract is that you work as GTA/GRA. It's not always a free stipend.
  2. Can you be a GEM Associate fellow instead?
  3. So you declined the GEM school and went with the non-GEM school?
  4. That's a good point. for the Fellowship I have to work to get the stipend either as an RA/TA and I don't think I will have time or energy to get another position. Thanks for the insight. its a tough choice I have to make soon!
  5. @bapichulo does that mean you will turn down the fellowship and go to the other school instead? Does anyone know how impactful it is having a fellowship? If one school offers a fellowship and the other school offers a full ride with the chance to apply to positions that make more money than the fellowship stepped, which would be a better choice? I'm in a pickle lol.
  6. For those of you who may need extra-time to decide due to being impacted by COVID19 , here is a petition to extend the April 15th deadline by a month or two. http://chng.it/Qxxwry4dPK Best of luck!
  7. For those interested there is a petition going around to extend the April 15th Deadline to May 15th or later. If it will help you or anyone you know please share it. Council of Graduate Schools to extend the April 15th deadline to June 15th due to COVID19 Petition. http://chng.it/x4zFkY88
  8. This is going around if anyone is interested: Council of Graduate Schools to extend the April 15th deadline to June 15th due to COVID19 Petition: http://chng.it/65JzVNvW4G
  9. Okay, thanks for the information! I will do that.
  10. Did any of you guys have to contact the CS department directly to ask if they are willing to fund you as a GEM fellow?
  11. I don't know what the exact rule is, but I know during the seminar that they said the GEM fellowship was stackable. I think the problem is if both have required internships, unless you are GEM university fellow.
  12. So I got my first university acceptance with funding but its not GEM funding. Should I email the school and let them know I applied to GEM? And even though I got in they never verified my University Status. I am super confused.
  13. Does anyone know the acceptance rate of GEM, for both full and university/associate fellows. How many out of the 1,000 will receive GEM Funding? Thanks
  14. "I only applied to 4. Would have been 7 but the potential advisers at the other 3 schools did not make my cuts." My recommends have already sent the letters, they are saints, and ya I should have applied to less, but I was nervous because I am applying to majors that I did not study in undergraduate (read: B.A. in Anthropology but M.S. in Computer Science). So I wanted to increase my odds.
  15. Yes, I did yesterday. But can you still get the fellowship if you don't get matched with an employer? Also how many grad schools is everyone applying too? I'm applying to 23.
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