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  1. Does anyone know the acceptance rate of GEM, for both full and university/associate fellows. How many out of the 1,000 will receive GEM Funding? Thanks
  2. "I only applied to 4. Would have been 7 but the potential advisers at the other 3 schools did not make my cuts." My recommends have already sent the letters, they are saints, and ya I should have applied to less, but I was nervous because I am applying to majors that I did not study in undergraduate (read: B.A. in Anthropology but M.S. in Computer Science). So I wanted to increase my odds.
  3. Yes, I did yesterday. But can you still get the fellowship if you don't get matched with an employer? Also how many grad schools is everyone applying too? I'm applying to 23.
  4. Yes I just wanted to make myself known, but I might also email GEM and ask them as well.
  5. Hey everyone,Here is the forum for the 2020 GEM Fellowship. I want to contact GEM employers but I have no clue what to write in an email? GEM Fellowship 2019 GEM Fellowship 2018 GEM Fellowship 2017 GEM Fellowship 2016 GEM Fellowship 2015 GEM Fellowship 2014 GEM Fellowship 2012
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