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  1. FYI was told Cal visit day is cancelled for CEE. Will probably try to do something virtual
  2. I’m pretty sure Princeton’s CEE acceptance is pretty focused on individual POIs as long as you have acceptable stats, per my undergrad advisor. Also FYI you’ll learn on the visit, the grad college is as far as you can get from the e-quad. A lot of engineers I knew lived closer off campus or actually in different parts of jersey (esp. if they had a spouse who worked in nyc)
  3. Last year I was accepted to masters and they had the Open House on Monday, April 1st. Was invited mid-march
  4. Sorry, Hydrobiogeochemist! I wasn’t clear. I know they don’t do formal interviews, but they do have an admit day. I wasn’t able to make it last year, so I want to get a feel for the department overall too.
  5. That’s what happened last year. Don’t know for sure for the other programs, but I’d be pretty surprised if any non-admits were there. You spend a lot of the day w your specific program though, so can’t be sure for anything except A/E
  6. Has anyone heard when Berkeley’s visit day will be? Not 100% in yet but have strong positives from POI, so hoping it doesn’t clash with another visit day I just got the info for.
  7. Hi all! Just figured I’d start a thread for us all to freak out together and share notes. I’m an environmental applicant who is applying for the 2nd time. I did this whole deal last year as an MS applicant but decided to take another year and apply straight to PhD. Starting to hear back about some interviews and chats w potential PIs. How are you all doing?
  8. I went to Princeton for undergrad and had some graduate student friends. Princeton has a lot of resources, so there’s plenty for grad students (they would throw money at practically anything), but it’s very focused on its undergrad population. I imagine Yale may be similar, but can’t speak to it. The grad life is relatively insular among departments or within grad student housing. Most of my grad friends happened to live off campus or were RGSs so don’t know much about on campus life. I imagine the grad college feels sort of similar to a small liberal arts college from a social standpoin
  9. I just heard back today with unofficial admit letter and some funding info. Hope you’ll be at the visit day too!
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