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  1. Hey everyone , Just checking in to see if anyone has anymore good news!
  2. As someone who just completed a 3 year program... run at all cost ! lol No, but seriously. The third year feels like a DRAG, especially when you see the full time cohort that came in at the same time as you graduate a year ahead of you. The workload honestly does not feel significantly less, and with my program I didn't feel as though I had extra time to work a full time job and go to school. It just felt like a waste and if I could go back I would have done a 2 year program
  3. For my program I had to mention a PI I wanted to work with and was asked about them in my interview as well, but I have the option to work with all of the faculty member because my cohort is small (the program accepts ~5 ). Your GRE scores are good IMO, but just see what the program requires for MSW students. I saw less emphasis on the GRE in PhD programs and more on research interest/experience. I remember some MSW programs accepting a cum. GRE score asl low as 298 though. & No problem at all! I know the process is stressful. I'm glad to be on the other side of it lol.
  4. No, I don't think having another social science degree would be a disadvantage! For the counseling program I applied for, it had the same wording about accepting other social science/ similar degrees but still required me to take " leveling" courses to be on track with those who had an MA in Counseling, which essentially ended up being another Masters degree. But, when I interviewed they were excited about accepting someone from another discipline because they felt like it would bring a diverse perspective to the cohort. I would say to play your Psych background to your advantage and speak on
  5. One thing you mentioned that stuck out to me is that you don't have an MSW already. Some programs will require you to have an MSW before being accepted into the PhD program ( The program i'm attending required MSW), so you may have to end up doing joint anyways or pursuing the MSW first then applying for PhD programs later. I have an MSW and ran into this when applying to a PhD program in Counseling. They accepted me into the doctoral program but told me I would only be doctoral in name as I would have to take Masters level coursework in counseling before starting doctoral coursework. The PhD
  6. If you're not very committed to only going to UNC, i'm sure you would be accepted into other programs ! I ended up getting accepted into several programs and I had a 298 GRE score , plus I am still in my MSW program and graduating this spring.
  7. Yikes. Got a denial today from U Houston.
  8. Writing this thank you note was almost as nerve-racking as the interview itself lol. But thank you !
  9. What is you all’s opinions on sending a thank you letter after an interview ?
  10. I also applied in September / October and this has been the longest wait ever ! I had an interview for a counseling program recently but have not heard anything at all from any social work programs . Why are they taking soooooo loooonnnggg
  11. Hey, All of the programs I applied for required interview, unfortunately ?. And I didn't receive " funding" for my MSW but was able to attend for free with a Graduate Research Assistantship. I know there are some schools that may offer scholarships though, but not in the same vein as Phd funding
  12. Congratulations! Did you have an interview?
  13. You're relieved to be rejected from a program that you spent money to apply to ? lol you don't sound upset at all.
  14. 12 pages for a statement? Are you sure this isn't for a writing sample separate from the statement. The maximum statement I wrote was 3 pages, but one school also asked for a 8-10 page writing sample
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