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  1. Thank you SO much! This information is so helpful. First of all, I had no idea that I could just reach out to Associate Deans to ask questions about the programs. In psych (especially clinical), the number of applications that programs receive is so astronomically high (one R2 school I know of received 750 applications for 9 spots) that they're largely unable to accommodate prospective students' questions prior to applying. The same goes for reaching out to potential mentors in psych ahead of applying - people are split on whether you should/shouldn't reach out, because the volume of app
  2. What is considered a good percentile score on the Psych GRE? I do know that the test is not required for most applications, especially if you majored in psych in undergrad, so they may not even look at the score very seriously as a reflection of your ability in psych.
  3. That's great to know. Thank you! I currently work at a large university, so I will plan to reach out to some folks in the school of Social Work for additional guidance. It's so interesting to see how many differences there are between these programs and Psych programs!
  4. Thank you! That's some really helpful insight. I haven't looked into Counseling Psych programs, but I will check those out as well. It never hurts to explore more options! For the program that you will be attending, did you apply to work with a specific PI or is it a situation where you are accepted to the program generally and assigned to a PI upon arrival? Also - how much would you say that GRE scores matter for admissions? I'm open to retaking it if my score (168V, 158Q) is not strong enough, but of course would prefer not to endure the extra hassle. Thank you so much. I am very
  5. Thank you for your reply! A lot of programs I've seen request that applicants have an MSW "*or a Master's degree in a social science field," for which I think my psych Master's should qualify(?). I'm definitely open to a joint MSW/PhD program as well, where that is offered, but I have gotten the impression that they are not particularly common. Do you think that my psychology MA would be seen as a disadvantage in applying to programs which allow applicants with other social science degrees? While I'm still considering some psych PhD programs, my research and professional interests have a
  6. Hi, all. Congratulations on your acceptances to these great programs! I'm hoping that, having gone through this process so recently, some of you would be able to steer me in the right direction. I currently work in the field of clinical psychology research (with a Master's degree), but I am looking into pursuing a PhD in Social Work/Social Welfare. However, I have no idea where to begin to narrow down programs, how matching with a faculty mentor works, how competitive admissions to PhD Social Work/Social Welfare programs are or whether I would be considered a competitive applicant. I've
  7. Hi! Not attending LIU Brooklyn next year, but I do have a question about their program. Can I send you a private message?
  8. Hi, all I have been exploring the idea of applying to PhD Social Welfare/Social Work programs this fall, for matriculation in Fall of 2020. I have a background in psychology (research-based Master's degree), and I currently work as a lab manager in a clinical psychology lab at a well-known university with high research activity. I am looking at social welfare programs due to an interest in doing community-based and policy-oriented mental health research. I have been looking at career outcomes for PhDs in Social Welfare/Social Work online and can usually only find a brief (and vague)
  9. Oh my gosh, thank you SO much. I was having the hardest time finding any mention of incorrect scores on the ETS website, which made me nervous about the conflicting information in the books.
  10. Hi, all I am currently studying for the April 6 GRE Psychology Subject test using a few of the available study books (Barron's, Kaplan, Princeton Review). The problem that I've encountered is that the books have conflicting information about the scoring of the test, and the information on the ETS website is not helping me to clear that up. One book says that the score is determined by adding up the number of questions you answered correctly, while another states that you must subtract 1/4 x the number of questions you answered incorrectly from your total number of correct responses.
  11. @punctiliousdog You really should seek counseling if this issue haunts you enough to fixate on over multiple years and assignments.
  12. To the person accepted from the Fordham waitlist: Can you PM me your PI's initials? Thank you!
  13. Thank you so much for your response! In this case, the research fit is so perfect that I cannot see myself accepting another offer if this spot becomes available. I will reach out to them tomorrow to check on my status and to let them know that I am definitely still interested. Being stuck in the waiting game for so long has been tough. I really appreciate your help!
  14. Sorry, I should have clarified. I'm on the waitlist for my top choice and I'm not sure if I should expect to hear an update on my status on a Sunday or if I may have to wait until the 16th to know for sure.
  15. I was wondering if April 15th falling on a Sunday this year changes the deadline to respond to offers at all?
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