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  1. Has anyone heard from UNC? I saw someone was just waitlisted - does anyone else have updates or have you checked in with the office? I'm on the verge of accepting another offer but did hope to hear from them first. Can't decide if I should email or sit on it a little longer.
  2. also got rejected today and feeling fine about it! it's SO hard to get in there. 2 people per discipline - odds are not good. Definitely not an assessment of capacity or competence. I always figured if I got in it would be like winning the lottery. hang in there!
  3. I was accepted to MSU, Case Western, and U Pittsburgh. Rejected from WashU. I have a few more that I'm waiting to hear from but they are all really pie-in-the-sky for me so not expecting anything. I'd be happy to attend any of the 3 I got into though so feeling really lucky and not looking forward to having to choose soon. Congratulations to everyone else on your acceptances!
  4. I just got my first acceptance too! MSU. Rejected from Washington last week (boo) but also had a super promising interview with a potential advisor at U Pitt that I'm kind of thrilled about and really hoping it pans out. excited to hear from everyone about all these acceptances and interviews!
  5. (I also didn't have any research experience before grad school and my math score is not much higher than yours btw!) 🤞
  6. I think you definitely have a good shot! Writing sample/research background are the most important parts from what I can tell and GRE seems to hardly matter. Publications are a big deal, I wouldn't rule yourself out
  7. Hi! Another applicant here. I applied to seven schools, which felt like a lot, but I don't see myself being in a position to apply again for a long time so I wanted to shoot my shot. My situation is: GRE scores are good but not amazing (319 weighted heeaavily on the verbal side). I think (hope) my personal statements are pretty strong. I don't have any publications but I do have a decent research background and a couple grants under my belt. I also have 7+ years of employment experience in social services (micro and mezzo level) although only two of those are post-masters. I never went for licensure because I didn't want to fall off the research path after grad school. I did not end up reaching out to potential advisors so I guess a lack of faculty relationships is the piece I'm most worried about. I got an interview request yesterday from a professor at U Pitt (super exciting/scary) but no word from any of the others yet. It's still early!
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