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  1. @LisaOh at least it makes your decision easier. I have a couple of schools that I know I won't accept if they offer. @BrendonSW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've gotten news about a couple of fellowships, but the last three programs I'm waiting to hear from are really taking their time.
  2. Any more news anyone? I am getting so impatient!
  3. I go to DU and have never seen or heard about a class using that room. The classroom it's in is the absolute worst pain in the butt classroom. DU is a great program if you make it what you want, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it gave me, but that room isn't one of them. 😂 Just felt I had the responsibility to be honest about that room. Best of luck to everyone!
  4. Hi all, I applied to the SW/ANTH program, and I've got an interview with ANTH on Monday, which is the third round of the review process according to their email. Hopefully the other SS are at that stage too or will get there soon! Good luck everyone!
  5. Oh, hey, fancy seeing you here
  6. WUSTL pays for accepted/interviewees to attend interview day. I think this is pretty standard at the bigger schools.
  7. Hi all! I just found the Social Work forum! I'm still waiting to hear from UNC-CH, UPenn, and a fellowship at WUSTL. I am now obsessively checking the results page because anxiety. Good luck to everyone! I've been accepted to WUSTL and UT-A and have an interview with UMich ANTH on Monday. My stats: MSW/MPH 2020, 8 pubs, lots of varied research experience, 3.5/3.9/3.8 GPA for UG/MSW/MPH, GRE 310. I was (am?) a birth doula for 10 years and have a couple of years social services experience. Working to reduce birth trauma/health disparities through doula use.
  8. Eugene is fantastic! As are Donny, Kim, and Jen. It's a great place for feeling supported, and community work/activism is encouraged.
  9. They're all pretty much tied. I had great connections at all, so I'm waiting on offers and then the Dean of my current school will help me compare offers.
  10. Dec. 1st. At DU, I'd work with Jen Greenfield (and Kim Bender). Did you apply to work with Donny?
  11. I've heard that DU is meeting next week. I love DU, it's a great school with fantastic scholars and support.
  12. Hi all, I applied to 5 programs. UNC, UPenn, UT-Austin, DU, and WUSTL. I received an early admission offer from WUSTL, so I'm really excited! Just waiting to hear from the other 4. I've been obsessively checking here, so now I'm finally making an account. I have 8 pubs (with two+ in process), am graduating with MSW/MPH, have a decade experience as a doula (as well as some social service experience), 160/150/4 for GRE (I think), and a lot of research experience. 3.5/3.9/3.8 GPA for UG/MSW/MPH. I'm interested in reducing birth-related health disparities and trauma. Good luck to everyone!
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