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  1. Woah, the school deferred? I didn't know that could happen. How did that go down? (also Stephanie Wahab and Susanne Klawetter are both fantastic) Also, sorry that all the uncertainty is impacting you this way.
  2. How's everyone feeling with the decision deadline coming up? Anyone still deciding?
  3. I emailed them 2.5 weeks ago and they said they were aiming to have decisions out by the end of last week-- but that was before everywhere was affected by COVID-19. I was the waitlisted person. You could email Dr. Chapman.
  4. I'm going to reply through message.
  5. @LisaOh, is U Wisconsin a good fit for you? If so, I'd say go for it. If not, take a master's spot at a school you think would be a better fit and apply again next year.
  6. Rejected from SW/ANTH. Not at all surprised, I didn't have a good fit on the SW side and I wouldn't have taken it anyway since I've already accepted elsewhere with an awesome fellowship.
  7. I just officially declined my spot of Austin, hopefully you're high on the wait list!
  8. They were asking me and we talked through messages.
  9. The school that's giving you the most money. I'll be at WashU as a PhD student next year, and one of the biggest reasons is because they're giving me a truck load of money. For the MSW, the name of the school doesn't matter nearly as much. Top 20 is top 20, and even that doesn't matter for most jobs.
  10. A professor at one of those schools told me the top 20 are all going to have just about the same curriculum, so go where there's money. Research if there's organizations who do the work you want to do in the areas where you could intern.
  11. First, I would say get a new therapist if you are able. Don't stop looking until you find a good fit. Second, the debt is going to be there whether you stop going or not. If you finish, the three letters after your name will help you get a job (it's elitist and capitalist but what can you do?). Is there a Dean of Academic Affairs you could talk to? Or a trusted professor? When I was having doubts about my MSW, I talked to the only professor I had liked at that point and she completely changed everything for me. No one can make the decision but you, and no one here will have to live
  12. Wondering the saaaaame. It wasn't me.
  13. @LisaOh at least it makes your decision easier. I have a couple of schools that I know I won't accept if they offer. @BrendonSW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've gotten news about a couple of fellowships, but the last three programs I'm waiting to hear from are really taking their time.
  14. Any more news anyone? I am getting so impatient!
  15. I go to DU and have never seen or heard about a class using that room. The classroom it's in is the absolute worst pain in the butt classroom. DU is a great program if you make it what you want, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities it gave me, but that room isn't one of them. 😂 Just felt I had the responsibility to be honest about that room. Best of luck to everyone!
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