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  1. It really depends on what you are looking for.
  2. I received my UPenn decision awhile ago. Final decisions everyone? I decided to pass on the MSW/PhD program at Wisconsin. I am enrolling in University of Chicago's AM program with a huge scholarship and hoping that'll mean I will enroll in their PhD program in a year or two.
  3. Wisconsin flew me out this past weekend for admitted students day. It has left me with a lot to think about. I also found out that PhD admissions are a crap shoot based upon the advisor you would work with (like if they are planning a sabbatical) and a number of other things. So that has made me feel a bit better. I am still waiting to hear from 3 schools, so it is early for me to make a decision.
  4. I am super jealous! I applied to the same program, but I was only accepted to the AM program.
  5. I have heard back from Chicago & Michigan. No luck on the combined/joint programs, but I have tentative acceptance into the masters program. So far, I only have been admitted to one full MSW/PhD program. I just received a call today from UCLA, and it sounds like they will be admitting me to the MSW program only as well.
  6. From my experience, it is not an issue whatsoever.
  7. Same for me as far as the acceptance to MSW. I may consider taking them up on that.
  8. I haven't heard anything either, but I haven't called.
  9. Rejected from Berkeley. Just heard from U Chicago. Rejected for AM/PhD program but recommended for AM program with scholarship. I applied pretty late to Rutgers and haven't scheduled my interview. Congrats!
  10. Hi all, I am starting to panic a bit and worried I won't get into any of the MSW/PhD programs I applied to this year. As an alternative, I want to look at still applying to MSW only programs. Do you know of any programs still accepting applications? I do realize it is after a majority of priority deadlines. Thanks!
  11. Received my decision from Berkeley this morning.
  12. I just heard from Boston College - a rejection for the PhD program. They had a record number of applicants for PhD admissions. It is unlikely that I would have went there, so no sweat off my back.
  13. I'm officially super over waiting. All these MSW applicants that applied after PhD deadlines are receiving news. Hurry it up people!
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