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  1. Just to let you know, the GRE writing scale only goes to 6. Thought you may want to double check that you put the correct score on applications!
  2. I also ended up choosing that combo. We will see what happens!
  3. I didn't attend any info sessions. So I am completely in the dark.
  4. I am in the same boat. I had a long list that I was applying to, but I have recently ruled out a few. Now, I am nervous that I am applying to too few. (I should mention that I am applying to MSW/PhD programs, which are super competitive.) But the applications are so expensive and then sending GRE scores on top of that. Ultimately, I guess I am just nervous that I will not get in anywhere.
  5. I received this the other day. That being said, I read the email so I knew what it wasn't. Right now, it is just your application information. I am sure you will receive your offer in the portal, but it is super soon for that.
  6. I jut want to say that I lived in Manhattan and was easily able to find rent much cheaper. It is so much cheaper than the DC metro area and Boston. However, NJ is cheaper, obviously.
  7. It really depends on the school. The online programs are big money makers and intended to be. As a result, there are less scholarships available.
  8. Look for schools that have tracks or concentrations in clinical social work. By nature, these will have greater focus on counseling. I also took a look at what courses they offer to see which and how many therapeutic modalities they offer. Off the top of my head, Boston College and Columbia have a strong clinical programs and offer many modalities.
  9. Double check the application website for the school. Some are not at 11:59 pm, and some vary by time zone.
  10. Just a heads up to everyone applying or accepted to UMB: There are 2 students doing field placements where I currently volunteer. Yesterday, I talked to the first year about the field placement process. Turns out that you don't get to select your first field placement! They just give you one regardless of your interests. So it's likely that you'll spend you're entire first year in a field placement outside of your interests. It also sounded like the process in which they do this is a mess. Just an fyi!
  11. @Nai23 I would look into how much Yeshiva's program is theologically driven and just how much focus is on serving diverse populations. I'm not saying this as a knock against them. I just know that the student body as well as the university is very Jewish. If that is what you want, I would just research how it is viewed in the academic community and what alumni have said.
  12. Thanks for letting me know UIC does first come, first serve, which I find super strange btw. I lived in NYC for a few years, which basically ruined most other places for me. It's always a comparison. Plus, most my friends koved there after college, and it is so hard to find friends as an adult. I dislike Maryland, but again, it is based upon my past experience. Baltimore is a cool and affordable city. Despite what the news would have you believe, it's a pretty safe city outside the violent neighborhoods. Baltimore >>>>> D.C. A big consideration for me in choosing a school (other than academics) is field placements and the location itself.
  13. I am applying! Have you already received acceptances and rejections? Where did you apply? Me: I have a MPP ('15) and have worked in social or health policy since 2013. I have healthcare experience prior to that. I did research as an undergraduate at Cornell for 3 years cumulating in an honors thesis. I also did a research/capstone project for my masters degree. I have volunteered as a rape crisis advocate, patient care advocate, NAMI course instructor, and right now, an assistant case manager at a housing non-profit.
  14. I do not think I will apply to UMB. I hate Maryland and want to leave. I have been here almost 5 years... and that is 5 too long.
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