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  1. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is a great school and by far the most affordable school in Chicago. While I love my school, sometimes I think about how much less debt I would be in if I had gone to UIC and I know some incredible clinical social workers who have come out if that program!
  2. This is a great post from a while ago by a professor about this topic! I really agree with him. I am currently finishing up my first year and I have friends at several schools in my area and friends who have gone on to have very successful careers in their areas of social work and everyone of them talks about how the school does not matter as much as you do. The program and information you learn and the internships all depend on what you do with them. This is not a degree worth digging yourself into debt for it there is another option.
  3. Hi there! I applied to schools last cycle and you absolutely can ask for more funding. I emailed the I believe the dean or assistant dean of admissions but I also know that others emailed the person who signed their admission email! I was able to secure $5,900 more in funding.
  4. Loyola has a sub-specialization in working with older adults and it is compatible with either the health or mental health specialization. There are also many great placements for working with that population in Chicago. Loyolas deadline isn't till almost april I believe so definitely look into it!
  5. Do you have a specific specialization in mind? Health, mental health, policy, school ect? Are you looking to stay in the area or are you open to moving? I am have a wonderful time at Loyola Chicago. For me it has been a really open and wonderful environment and I am very pleased with the selection of clinical classes I can take my second year. I have friends at USC, Portland State, and Virginia Commonwealth who are all loving their first years as well.
  6. HannahRae

    Chicago, IL

    As someone who has lived in Hyde Park for a while now I would definitely say that if you have a roommate you can make around 750 work for housing costs. HP actually has 4 grocery stores! Treasure Island and Whole Foods are definitely not the cheapest places to go but, Hyde Park Produce is amazing! It doesn't always have everything you need but prices are great and so is Open Produce which is small but is open till 2 am. We also have a a Walgreen's and a pretty quality dollar store on 53rd and an Office Depot for school supplies and it is right next to an ACE Hardware. Hyde Park is a cool place with a lot of great things sometimes it just takes a bit of exploring to find it all!
  7. From what I know and have learned from others, social work degrees in other countries do not translate to the US due to differing accreditation requirements. If you plan on becoming a licensed social worker you have to have a degree from an accredited school, our code of ethics would also differ from other countries. For policy positions I assume it might be difficult as well due to the fact that you would have been studying different systems and structures than what is happening in the US. If you want to study international social work there are programs in the US that have strong concentrations in that area and have opportunities to travel to other countries during your studies. There are also fellowships for after you graduate that can allow you to travel. My good friend is currently in France working with refugees and she attended UChicago's program and took many classes focused on international social work. I'm not sure if this helped but I hope it did!
  8. I've received stuff from all the schools I have declined. One keeps asking me about my financial aid status. I think maybe they are just sending it out to anyone they admitted. I was worried at first but then went back to make sure I had declined!
  9. Since committing to a school I decided to get a jump start on things like, sending in my immunization records, official transcripts, figuring out my fall schedule, and deciding to have as much fun as possible before school starts!
  10. Yes!! There is also a FB group if you haven't joined it already It's, Loyola MSW Students
  11. Hello! I know a fair amount about Loyola's program and only a little about Milwaukee's program but I think that they are pretty different. Loyola is and has always been a very clinically focused program and Wisconsin seems a little more macro. I think that Loyola has a larger name recognition especially if you are staying in the Midwest and that when it comes to their professors, they have a big advantage too. Most of their clinical professors are also practicing clinicians, which means they are out their doing the latest work and practicing their skills. Milwaukee has alot of great public agencies for fieldwork, I imagine you need a car to be able to access a lot of them. It has more of a campus feel if that is important to you, Loyola's is downtown and very far from the main campus. They both have great certificate programs, Milwaukee with its trauma-informed care one and Loyola's certificate in Alcohol and other drug counseling. I guess it comes down to what you want to focus on and what is important to you in a program. As I am attending Loyola next year I am bias but, go with your gut!
  12. Thank you both! My anxiety makes me such an over-worrier. I think I'll send her a follow up on Friday afternoon and give her more dates that I can come in as well. My boss is the most oblivious person. She somehow didn't realize I was doing my applications at work. I am going to school in the city where I live so I can keep my job until mid August!
  13. So yesterday I replied to an email from a potential supervisor for a first year internship. I sent her my interview availability yesterday and still haven't heard back. Logically I know I should give her more time before I freak out that she hasn't responded yet, but illogically my anxiety is creeping in. How long should I wait to follow up? A part of the anxiety is that I have to ask for time off work and shocker, I can't tell my boss I'm going on internship interviews. plz help!
  14. HannahRae

    Chicago, IL

    As someone who lived in Logan square and dated someone who lives in Hyde park, honestly it was pretty exhausting. The metra is more expensive and I don't believe it is covered by the UPass. I live in Hyde Park now and I think it gets a bad reputation for being not very exciting. The university is always having events and so is the Promotory, the revival theater, the bookstores and the Hyde Park art center. There is lots of stuff to do it just takes some investigating. It also isn't too difficult to get downtown if you live near the bus or train. I live close to the buses that take you to campus and downtown and my apartment is pretty inexpensive!
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