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  1. Stressed out because I submitted FAFSA late

    Yeah, you're fine! I usually matters more in Undergrad anyways since most graduate students do not receive federal grants. No worries though, as long as you got it in before the deadline, you are good. If it was after the deadline (which it isn't), then I would worry.
  2. NYC Schools

    My plan was to work all summer and then move early August or as soon as I save enough money. If I can find a decent paying job for the summer, I think I'll be fine. The hard part is finding a place while living out of the state.
  3. Stressed out because I submitted FAFSA late

    Lol you're not late. Some people submit it early to get it out of the way. I always submit my fasfa early just to get it out of the way. Most schools do not have financial aid packages confirmed until summer or before your program starts. You should be fine.
  4. Bad taste to ask for more funding?

    Honestly, doesn't hurt to ask. Most schools are very understanding.
  5. NYC Schools

    I know I have made a million and one threads but this is my final one. haha. Anyways, those that will be in NYC this coming school year, how are you going about housing? When are you planning to move to NYC?
  6. Bad taste to ask for more funding?

    You can definitely tell the school your are deciding between the two because one school offered you more money. You can ask them to see if they'll match the offer, however, they will more than likely ask for the offer letter to determine whether or not you'll get an adjustment. Does your offer letter mention the fellowship?
  7. Would you go to a non-accredited program?

    I would definitely wait. There is some hassle when a school is not accredited when trying to get your license later. You don't want to risk it, especially if it isn't definite that they will be accredited by October.
  8. MSW 2018 Applicants

    I didn't take the GRE but my guess would be the average is 150-160. So, anywhere near or above that range. I suggest apply to see and if you don't get in, try again next year.
  9. MSW 2018 Applicants

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your gpa? Do you have experience at all or volunteer? They look at the entire applicant, not just GPA.
  10. Fall 2018 Decision

    Honestly, I do not mind it at all. Since I have a current placement and I have had other social work internships, I think it allows me to be flexible with my learning. Like I was debating between school social work or mental health with a primary emphasis on children, so I think the program may allow me to maneuver and explore both further. I definitely took that into consideration when making my decision because I was put off at first but them I started doing more research pertaining to requirements in other states. I think I will be fine.
  11. Fall 2018 Decision

    California is weird with the social welfare instead of social work, but it essentially means all the same and should not be seen differently. My honest opinion is to visit the schools if possible. I was 98% sure I was going to attend Pitt until I did my visit. I didn't like the vibe and I wasn't getting that feeling that I needed to be there, ya know? I am a "go with your gut" type of person. I honestly wish I would have applied to UPenn because I heard it was great. However, I did hear that UPenn is more Policy and NYU is more clinical. So, it just depends on which track you are leaning towards. I wanted to do clinical, so a clinical based program made sense to me. Also, talk to the faculty and current students. As a minority, I wanted to talk to another minority from the schools to get their honest opinion. This helped a lot because it will say a lot about how the school treats minorities and if the support is there. My current school has so many supportive programs for minorities that will provide that additional support. Also, ask about class size, course work, professors and etc.
  12. Fall 2018 Decision

    Absolutely PM me, I don't mind!
  13. Fall 2018 Decision

    Thank you!! The decision was easier after I visited the other option this past week.
  14. NYU

    I just submitted my deposit!
  15. Fall 2018 Decision

    I officially committed to NYU! I sent in my deposit so I couldn't change my mind. lol