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  1. Fall 2018 Application

    I just got accepted to my top choice at Pitt!
  2. MSW 2018 Applicants

    Just got into my top choice at Pitt! Super excited.
  3. Results System: Features you'd like to see?

    The results page needs to be updated to include Fall 2018 results
  4. Advice on asking for pregnancy leave (intimidating professor)

    I am sorry your professor is being like that. I am not a PhD student, but does your school have an Ethics board? The professor is borderline breaking Code of Ethics (at least he would be at my university). And men never truly understand but that is their loss if they cannot understand pregnancy. Ultimately, make the best decision for you! Good luck!
  5. MSW 2018 Applicants

    They usually allow you to extend the decision! Especially if you tell them you have not heard back from other schools yet. That is what I will have to do with NYU since that is my first acceptance.
  6. Fall 2018 Application

    You sound like a strong applicant! I figured if I finished my applications early enough I could get a response early. lol My top choice is Pitt, they said I should be hearing within the next week. However, I am keeping my options open to whoever may give me the most money. Some of them go by GPA, which mine isn't the highest but I have a lot of experience. And as far as applications, most of them I just swapped out the school name and tweaked a few things. However, I started working on those in the summer time because I figured I would have a super busy semester. What is your school of choice?
  7. Fall 2018 Application

    Once you finish your Columbia app, NYU will be a breeze. They ask pretty much the same questions. The longest part for me was writing my case example. I gave everyone a deadline to have my letters in. Worked perfectly. Also, do not be afraid to ask for a fee waiver, you may have to provide a reason why. I have not had to submit a application fee yet for any of my apps (I am very resourceful). GPA: I transferred twice so my cumulative is around 3.20 for all three schools but at my current schools it is a 3.4, my major GPA is a 3.85. GRE: Did not take SOP: Pretty Strong LOR: the two standard of advanced standing (From advisor and field instructor), then my professor who has a PHd and my community service coordinator. . Experience: Internships at a Residential facility, over 2000 hours of community service. I am not sure what else to put. lol
  8. MSW 2018 Applicants

    Hi all! I am currently in my senior year of my BSW program. I am still finishing a few applications but I did complete four apps from NYU, UofWash, UCLA, & Pitts. I received my acceptance letter today from NYU! Super exciting! Good luck you all!
  9. Fall 2018 Application

    I just got my acceptance letter to NYU Advanced Standing! With a $15,000 scholarship!
  10. Fall 2018 Application

    My application to UW, Pitts, UCLA and NYU are officially completed. I am waiting on recommendation letters for the others. This is already nerve-wracking.
  11. Fall 2018 Application

    I figured I would go ahead and start a thread for those that are currently in the application process for Fall 2018! I applied to University of Pitts, University of Wash, UCLA, NYU, Columbia, Rutgers, and my safety school Indiana University (where I currently attend for my BSW). Feel free to join in the discussion!