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  1. I applied 2/12 and was denied today
  2. @honeynutthey picked right up!
  3. call now! I was able to get a hold of ben!!
  4. I don’t know what’s going on.. i wasn’t able to get anyone on the phone or by email...
  5. Were you able to hear something?
  6. Not normally! I tried calling twice last week and nothing..
  7. So sorry to hear that! UPenn is a great school! Best of luck on your endeavors 💕
  8. Did you hear something?
  9. Congratulations!! I love that UNC looks at the complete application! When did you apply?
  10. When did you get your acceptance? Also is this for 2 year?
  11. Congratulations!!! Can you share your stats? When did you apply? & How did they contact you?
  12. Oh okay! I applied just for the distance learning. We had to do interviews for it and were told end of March first week in april at the very latest.
  13. Anybody else applied to the distance education program?
  14. At the interview, I was told the last week in March.. first week in April at the lastest. But with the influx in applications he didn’t see it happening anytime sooner
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