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  1. Me too. Expected. Good luck to the rest of you guys.
  2. Take a rest. They don’t work on weekends ?
  3. Same here. I guess 90% I will get rejected. Just wanna know the result.
  4. Congrats! I guess I may have to wait till tomorrow then ?...
  5. ?... very helpful of her. Thanks for sharing though. Hope the good news is on its way!
  6. Got anything? I am so anxious as the deadline approaches
  7. Big cong! It seems suddenly so quiet.
  8. Awww.... congratulations! Mind sharing your stats and exp?
  9. Thank you! Wish you good luck!
  10. My undergraduate major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, with GPA 3.14. LOL. So... Well, but I am kinda losing faith...
  11. Here! I am still waiting for the result! ?
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