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  1. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    I got in off of the waitlist for full time 2 year. Looking forwArd to seeing y’all in the fall 😝 I hope to never go on this damn website again
  2. you should go to Washington for sure! getting to move is a privilege and you should take advantage of a new adventure!
  3. honeynut

    Canada MSW 2019

    figured it out lol
  4. honeynut

    Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Jk lol
  5. honeynut

    UW Seattle MSW Fall 2019

    I think if you want to work in Seattle there is no better place to go than UW, especially since the program is nationally well respected
  6. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    I’m sorry.
  7. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    Maybe they are on holiday lol
  8. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    @Breanna12595 regarding my email? No 😞 and I’m too afraid to call to follow up in case they think I’m bugging them lol. You?
  9. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    ugh i hate double posting but does anyone know when North Carolina stopped providing a tuition stipend for child welfare title iv-e participants? or if there is some kind of alternative program i am missing?
  10. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    @Breanna12595 humm hopefully they were super busy last week and next week will be better 😐
  11. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    yooo quick ? if anyone knows the answer...i emailed ben on monday with a question and have not gotten a response yet, does it usually take him a while to respond?
  12. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    I’m sorry to hear that
  13. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

  14. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    Does anyone know how long the waitlist is? I am too afraid to call and ask what place I am on the ranked list πŸ™πŸ˜¦
  15. honeynut

    UNC MSW 2019

    @Sgk19 I did!

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