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  1. NYU class registration for the full-time program opened today..... so I hope they tell you soon. I wasn't notified till the exact date given by Columbia after the waitlist.
  2. Where did you decide to accept? What led to this choice.
  3. Nice they got back to you when they said!! Grats. I am in between NYU and Columbia so I hope they get back to me soon also!
  4. I got rejected from 2 schools. I know the letdown.
  5. It must be 1 month then from the date given maybe. What a weird waitlist system.
  6. I hear that waiting sucks. I applied to 5 schools. Hopefully you will hear back soon. It’s interesting they are waitlisting but opened application to more applicants! I bet many choose other schools due to cost and they want to have a full class!
  7. I applied 2/5. Heard back April 1st. Waitlisted. Already moving to ny and acceptance into NYU. If I’m accepted I will tour and see what’s the better fit. Hope you hear back soon.
  8. Btw Columbia and NYU. I have been accepted to NYU already!
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