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  1. i got mine about a week later, i didn't try to negotiate.
  2. The day after i got waitlisted i sent an email to the dean thanking him for my position on the waitlist, and saying i was hopeful. I also attached my midterm grades from the current semester. Seemed to go over well for me!
  3. I finally got accepted to my backup school this morning, University of Kentucky. It is where i am currently getting my BA! Good to know that if i get rejected next week by Columbia i will have a smooth transition into graduate school here. ? Now whatever happens, happens!
  4. Yes, only because it would be such a fun and significant change! I originally applied just as a 'why not?' but after being waitlisted I'm like 'wow this could actually happen.' I thought for sure i would just be rejected lol.
  5. I had a specific date in my letter that i would hear by, exactly 1 month from the day i was waitlisted. Were you given a date?
  6. Has anyone who was waitlisted heard back? Has anyone who was accepted decided not to attend?
  7. that is exactly what i applied for but i am currently waitlisted!! not advanced standing, though.
  8. I emailed today and they said we should hear back early April.
  9. I applied for Policy Practice and Contemporary Social Issues. I have seen no one else with the same ones as me. ?
  10. what concentration and specialization did you apply for?
  11. I applied to Columbia on 2/6. I am currently a Gender & Women's Studies major and Philosophy minor at the University of Kentucky. So i applied to the MSW program at UK and should hear by the end of the week. I also applied to UT- Arlington, because my parents live about an hour from there, and got accepted. Columbia is my top choice but it wouldn't kill me to stay at UK. Columbia said they would let me know the final decision by 4/19. More waiting which i hate, but it should be fine either way!
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