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  1. My thoughts exactly. I mean, I wouldn't apply there ever again, but other than that? Maybe do a bit of research to make sure what the consequences are, but otherwise go for it.
  2. What happens if you accept NYU's offer and then renege later if you get into Columbia? I imagine you'll at least lose your NYU deposit, but are there any other lasting consequences?
  3. I'm going to specialize in Policy Practice too! I can't quite tell how popular it is.
  4. Oh, for sure, and likely private loans too which doesn't exactly thrill me. Oh! That is a hell of a change. @toofunny is probably right about not enough people applying.
  5. I think so. I still have a few things to figure out, but unless something goes horribly wrong, I'll be there. What was the original deadline?
  6. Congrats!! I received the financial aid letter within a week of being accepted.
  7. You may have to speak to the Director of Admissions for an appeal. There's more info here under What if I’m not satisfied with my package? https://socialwork.columbia.edu/current-students/first-year-faq
  8. You may have to speak to the Director of Admissions for an appeal. There's more info here under What if I’m not satisfied with my package? https://socialwork.columbia.edu/current-students/first-year-faq/
  9. I was ? sure I didn't have a chance with Columbia because I didn't get into NYU but then I got into Columbia. (Coincidentally, my opinion of NYU has fallen dramatically recently NOT THAT I'M BITTER.) My point, and I do have one, is you really never know until you get a response.
  10. My acceptance email came tonight. I'm more than a bit shocked.
  11. The final deadline to apply is Feb. 15, one week from now. I hope we get our decisions before that deadline next week as others have hinted at above, otherwise applying for the priority deadline was kind of pointless.
  12. Ugh. I think it's time to ask someone else. It's not worth risking your entire application because of one person.
  13. I agree with all of this. If you ask a new person for a recommendation, it's not like you have to call out your thesis adviser by name. I think it's enough to say you can't get into touch with one of the three recommenders you asked two months ago and the deadline is fast approaching.
  14. I used different versions of the same essay on my applications and have gotten into two schools and am waiting to hear back on another two. As long as the essay is your own work and answers the question asked, I don't think it should be a problem.
  15. I agree 60% seems high. I wish there was a way to confirm this because I've seen acceptance rates that are all over the place. Still, it seems like the cost of attendance is the limiting factor with Columbia instead of the acceptance rate.
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