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  1. I may take the Statistics and research waiver exams
  2. I committed to Columbia University and am doing their advanced standing program!
  3. I just sent in my tuition deposit for Columbia! So excited and can't wait to meet people!
  4. Does anyone know the process for appealing for more scholarship money? I would love to attend but I just had a dramatic change to my financial situation which I would like to see if I can get more money because of
  5. I was accepted into Hunter's advanced standing program on February 28th, without an interview.
  6. Hello! I got accepted into Fordham's advanced standing program at Lincoln Center campus. I'm currently deciding between Fordham and Columbia
  7. I just received my acceptance into Columbia's advanced standing program! I'm ecstatic about the acceptance but will need def need to hear more about financial aid before making a decision
  8. Has anyone who applied advanced standing heard back yet?
  9. No Hunter is not my first choice so I'm not THAT concerned about it yet. I have to give Fordham a decision by early March (the 5th I believe).
  10. I applied in late November and my application was complete as of December 6th. I emailed them about a week and a half ago and they told me that it takes them about 8 weeks to go through an application so I should be hearing back in the next week. I still haven't heard anything and it's going on 10 weeks at this point. I'm getting frustrated at this point since I've had everything in for about 2 months
  11. I also heard back from Fordham today with an acceptance to their advanced standing program with a merit scholarship! Do you have a top school?
  12. No I haven't heard back yet but I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying I would hear back by mid February. I applied to Fordham, Hunter, NYU, and Temple U.
  13. Do you mind sharing your stats? I also applied Advanced Standing to Fordham and I'm worried because I also feel like my stats aren't that great..
  14. I applied to NYU, Columbia, Fordham, Hunter and Temple. I applied advanced standing to all these with a concentration in mental health & clinical practice! Hope everyones application process is going well & there are positive outcomes!
  15. I just submitted my application to Columbia earlier this week! I applied advanced standing for clinical social work practice with a focus on health, mental health and disabilities Following this thread!
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