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  1. There’s a new students checklist site, that has more info on the field placement form: https://sssw.hunter.cuny.edu/admissions/newly-accepted-students/ Congrats on your acceptance and hope to see you around!!
  2. Oh that’s a good point, I’m interested in working in a medical setting so perhaps should’ve noted that in my field placement form too... Oh well, I’ll plan to just discuss with my advisor! And did you just create your email? I created mine in late April and didn’t receive anything for the longest time. But I’ve since received a few already, one from my field advisor last Monday, then 2 earlier this week.
  3. Glad this helped!! Yea, it definitely wasn’t clear to me why the 3 digit course codes I was originally entering wasn’t yielding results... wish they made it more clear! And I’ve heard good things about Katz, Henry, and Lawrence! I’m taking a class with Katz as well (on Tuesdays at 2pm I think), so maybe we’re in the same one!
  4. Congrats on your acceptance!! I posted the notes I took during the pre-orientation so you can look for that in this thread. And I found that you need to search by the following numbers: Look for Fall 2019 semester -> Hunter College -> School of Social Work and then input the following course numbers: 70150 Policy and Services I 71150 Human Behavior I  71700 Social work practice lab  72150 Clinical Practice I  76100 First Year Instruction Hope that helps!
  5. I sent my form in early May and I just heard from my advisor on 5/17. During the 5/13 pre-orientation meeting, we were told we should be hearing from our advisors in the next 2 weeks, so you should hear back sometime soon! FYI I’m a 2 year full time student. Advanced standing students should’ve heard from their field advisors already (though if you were just recently accepted, that may delay things).
  6. Congrats on your acceptance!! To answer your questions, I didn’t end up tailoring my resume. I submitted my field placement form and my field advisor emailed me to set up a 20 min meeting to talk over the process. I haven’t had the meeting yet (it’ll take place in early June, so don’t know the details beyond that unfortunately). But it seems like we don’t have much options in our first year, so we’ll likely be placed depending on agency needs and proximity to where we live. I’m not aware of a database of placements, but maybe you can contact the field advisory office and ask? I’m from Queens,
  7. I think the only way to figure out professors/times is by navigating the student center on cuny first and look under “search for classes”. I think there are pdf tutorials available, but your best bet would probably to just play around in the system. Look for Fall 2019 semester -> Hunter College -> School of Social Work and then input the following course numbers: 70150 Policy and Services I 71150 Human Behavior I 71700 Social work practice lab 72150 Clinical Practice I 76100 First Year Instruction And yes, everyone does the M, W, F field placements from 9-5,
  8. Yea, they spent a lot of time showing us how to navigate the cuny first system! They recommended adding courses to your shopping cart now, so you can quickly check out during registration tomorrow. Let me know if you have more questions about this, but you can find out what classes to register for on the part of the website that outlines the 2 year track curriculum (so we need to sign up for 5 classes: Human Behavior 1; Social Policy 1; Clinical Practice (or community organizing, if you’re not in that track); Field Practice Lab; and Field Practicum). Hope that helps!
  9. FYI Accepted students day: you really didn’t need to go. The professors briefly talked about field of practices and then we were dismissed to mingle with each other (which was cool, but not crucial!) Pre-orientation (I had mine 5/13): mainly discussed how to register for courses, field placements, and fin aid. Pretty useful, especially if you’ve never worked in the cuny first system before! See notes below: Hunter Important Dates: ◦ May 16- class registration begins ◦ Aug 30- mandatory field placement overview session ◦ Sept 9- field practicum starts
  10. I had asked someone in the office and it didn’t sound like either were strictly mandatory, but she highly encouraged me to attend both, or at least pre-orientation. I think pre-orientation is more important, since they’ll review class registration stuff. Accepted students day seems more for networking/connecting purposes (from my understanding!)
  11. Yay, ok! Hopefully others will chime in too! We can get some sort of group text set up, if that’s the case I don’t know the area too well, but can look into nearby restaurants/bars (though open to any suggestions people have!)
  12. Me! I’m super excited to meet others too everyone on this forum has been so helpful and supportive! If anyone is interested in grabbing drinks or something after the event, hit me up!!
  13. THAT IS AWESOME!!!! Congrats!! Hopefully you’ll be attending accepted students day next Wednesday—if so, see you there!!
  14. I think @Yve_ is an advanced standing student. I’m entering as full time and I haven’t heard anything from my field advisor yet—I did also just submit the form last week. Hope that helps!
  15. That’s awesome to hear!!! Glad you’re having such a positive experience!
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