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  1. FYI to people waiting on York, I just got rejected from the 2-year MSW program yesterday.. so I guess they are telling people!
  2. I'm also 2 year! Thanks for your help. I clearly should have attended orientation haha
  3. When did you hear from your field advisor? I sent in my form weeks ago and haven't heard anything!
  4. Do you know where to check who's teaching the class and what time it is? I'm not finding that info online. Also, does everyone do field placement on the same 3 days a week?
  5. Thank you SO much, this is very helpful! Did they give you any info re: class registration? Nervous because I have no idea how to sign up!
  6. Could someone who went to orientation post what was shared? I had to miss it due to work and didn't get a reply from the office about catch up material!
  7. Thank you! Are you finding your field education officer to be receptive? I've heard some horror stories!
  8. Does anyone know how field placements are working this year? In the past I've heard you meet with an advisor and get to give some input...worried they will be automatic this year!
  9. I'm going to Hunter! I can't justify the cost of Columbia's tuition, even with the scholarship they provided, and my colleagues have told me that the education really is comparable at both schools. Plus, the social justice piece is really important to me. I'm a bit sad to give up the Columbia reputation, though!
  10. I just declined my spot for the two-year MSW, so there's another spot open!
  11. When did you receive these emails? I only got the deposit received email (about 2 weeks ago), nothing else since...
  12. I'm currently debating between going to a school in the country I live now (I've been in NYC for 3 years) vs. going back to the country I was born in/want to live in long-term (Canada). The school in NYC seems like a better fit for me, and I know that the degree is technically transferable to Canada, but I've heard from a lot of people that it doesn't make sense to get equipped with social policy/learning social work in a country you're going to leave. Any thoughts?
  13. I have VERY similar volunteer/work experience and am in the same boat as you re: U of T and York. I really think there's just a lot of us, and both programs are really small. It's so hard not to take it personally, though. If it helps, a lot of people I know got in off waitlists!
  14. Thanks! I'm confused though -- did she say how long they have to accept before they send out a new wave? How do they choose who is being accepted or waitlisted?
  15. Congrats! Ugh, mine still says under review. Did you get a phone call?
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