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  1. Does anyone know how many people get on the waitlist for York's 2 year program?
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!!! 🎉🎉 You really deserve it!!! Also, thank you for your reply! It was really touching and so encouraging ❤️ I appreciate it.
  3. I'm super depressed about how I got waitlisted at Uoft and probably rejected at York, and I can't stop thinking about it. I worked up my entire life for this moment and it seems like it didn't pay off 😔 I worked as a TA for two terms, two independent community research projects, and had over 4000 hours of human services through supporting LGBTQ youth in the mental health sector and sexual violence survivors on the crisis line. Is this a common experience for first time applicants? Does anyone have any advice on how to beef up my application for next year?
  4. They have two weeks to decide. I think they review the applicant pool again before deciding
  5. I just called York. They said all the acceptances were given out yesterday. They're seeing if any of the applicants with the acceptances are accepting it first, then they'll update those with "under consideration" status by accepting or waitlisting them.
  6. Congrats!!!! Do you know if acceptances come out all at once? I got waitlisted at Uoft and York is the only other school I applied to so now I'm freaking out
  7. Hoping for the best for all of three of us and others in the same boat as us!
  8. Nope, I went to McMaster!
  9. I wonder what it means if you didn't get invited, a waitlist email or a decision made status... I'm beginning to think I got rejected
  10. Is this for the 2 year program?
  11. Same here! I've been having a panic attack one second, then calm the next. I'm just trying to be more hopeful and repress all my anxious thoughts! Haha
  12. York just called me back! They said that the two year program acceptances will be released 2-3 weeks from now! The selections made by the committee are currently under review by the director!
  13. Yeah so far people have been only talking about getting acceptances to the advanced standing program. Not knowing if there were any acceptances to the two year program is making me anxious haha I tried calling the office to inquire but I'm always getting sent to voicemail!
  14. I am too! Mid-March feels so far away but so close from now 😩
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