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  1. For those of you still on the UofT waitlist for the two year program, keep hopeful! I was just accepted yesterday!! I did NOT think it was going to move but it’s very exciting!! I was completely caught off guard by the acceptance in the best way!! Stay hopeful y’all !!
  2. Yay! thanks you too!
  3. They just emailed me back saying it should be working now!
  4. Oh really? Have you tried contacting the school?
  5. Is anyone trying to apply to the MSW Online Program for January 2020 start at Laurier? I can't upload my documents since yesterday the page keeps saying the site cant be reached. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
  6. Hey! Honestly the person I spoke to wasn’t the most informative person.. I asked her that question too and her response was “ when they look at your experience compared to someone with, for example 10 years why would they pick you?”. My response to that was because I have a competitive application. I asked her if the phone call was to just streamline the application process and she said it was. I would take what she said with a grain of salt. I don’t think they base it just on experience I think it’s a combination of grades, type of experience, volunteer and many other aspects that fall into p
  7. That’s some interesting work as well! Absolutely, I think it’s definitely worth applying! It’s a super tight deadline but I’m going to make it work!! Good luck to you ☺️
  8. You are so sweet and will one day be an incredible social worker!! I am going to apply, just waiting on my last reference to get back to me!! I literally have nothing to lose! Thank you for your words of encouragement! I was actually accepted at Laurier for their on-campus program last year but due to some personal stuff, I declined my offer. So I know I have what it takes! The past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful and the fact that I was declined after I was already accepted was like a blow to the face.. Oh well! Thank you so much and best of luck to you as well!!
  9. Hey sorry for the delayed response! I am currently working in a Residential setting for Adults with traumatic brain injury! Its been a great experience, its a combination of casework, behavioural interventions and very clinical in nature. A lot of them have difficulty with mental illness as well so crisis prevention is a huge part of the job. I havent actually applied to the MSW online yet, the deadline for Jan 2020 start is May 1st. The school called me this week though to ask about my qualifications for applying to the program and pretty much told me I shouldn't apply due to my lack of
  10. Does anyone know anything about the Laurier Online MSW program? Debating if this is a good program to apply to considering I am working full time right now in the field. If you are currently in the program please let me know! Thanks!
  11. When did you receive the email?
  12. If that’s the case I’m dreading it.. I feel like I really improved my app since last year too so I’ll be super discouraged if I don’t get in. I’m sure you’re experiencing similar feelings let’s remain hopeful and send those positive vibes out there!
  13. Seriously, I’ve had the weirdest roller coaster of emotions today.. and this being my second time around its pretty excruciating! Hopefully there are more on their way!! Good Luck ☺️
  14. Congrats to all those who have been accepted! This is my second time applying after being waitlisted last year.. I’m wondering if they will send out more “invited” tomorrow. I find it hard to believe they’ve sent all of them today.. trying to hold onto whatever hope there is so I don’t go completely insane LOL any other people in the same boat?
  15. I know exactly how you feel! Last year I was certain I would get in and then was waitlisted. It sucked but it also allowed me to take some time to refocus my experience and reapply with a stronger application... (I applied to the two year program so I don’t know if ive made it in yet lol) but regardless it’s important not to beat yourself up! Remain hopeful you get off the wait list and if you don’t, well I believe everything happens for a reason maybe you will gain some incredible experience in the next year!
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