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  1. For those who have been accepted and will be attending the 2 year MSW at UofT there is already a facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254451149055263/
  2. Hey! I was also admitted and worried about that. I think because the economic impact of strict social distancing like now would be too severe to continue doing this for more than a few months means things should be somewhat starting to open back up before the semester starts, so I am assuming in-person classes will also resume. But who knows, definitely frightening.
  3. Hey That is definitely an option. I would consider it mostly for the practicum, if you're lacking in relevant experience. I applied last year straight from my fourth year of uni and was wait-listed at UoFt. I had a stellar application all-around but did not really have good relevant work experience. I decided to focus on that this past summer and was luckily admitted this year. I would look at your application, and perhaps reach out to social workers or current MSW students, and try to pinpoint where your strengths/weaknesses are and then try to build on your weaknesses. I know this
  4. Hey! She has not yet confirmed receipt for me either and I submitted it by email on Tuesday.
  5. There is a facebook group for those who have been accepted into the UofT MSW: https://www.facebook.com/groups/254451149055263/
  6. Hey! There is no funding, primarily because it is a professional degree program and there is no independent research component. On the other hand professional degree programs like York's MSW require that students conduct independent research so I believe they get funding of 10k+. This is my rough understanding of how stuff works.
  7. For UofT I used approximately 50-60% of the same personal statement I wrote last year (waitlisted 2019, accepted 2020). I had expected I would completely re-use it but by the time to submit it rolled around I realized I wanted to change quite a bit, both because I had grown and analyzed it thoroughly for faults, but also because my understanding of SW matured. Best of luck to you!
  8. Applied: UofT 2 YR MSW (accepted on acorn) Undergrad degree: Anthropology/Equity Studies double major. Fourth year GPA: 4.0 Experience: a mixture of research assistance, short-term contract work in community organizations, independent research, volunteer peer support experience, a few publications/public presentations, and completing M.A right now. I applied to UofT last year for the first time and was waitlisted. I had almost no related paid work experience but this past summer I was able to get some. I know how stressful this all is, but it dissipates over time. My fing
  9. Feeling the same. Hopefully we can hear something back tomorrow. Best of luck
  10. To those who have been accepted? What are your first and last name initials? Just wondering if they update it alphabetically. Maybe I'm just been optimistically hopeful.
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