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  1. I'm sure this question has been asked a thousand times but I'm applying to Clinical Psych programs and I'm curious to know how people handle being accepted to more than one program. Clinical is unique in that I think you hear from the prof you applied to about a decision directly. So my question is - if you hear back from your second or third choice that you've been accepted - do you just wait to get back to them? I'm worried it will impact the relationship if you take too much time to get back...
  2. Would anyone who was accepted to the 2 yr MSW program at U of T or Laurier be willing to msg me (or post) their GPA/years of experience/field of experience etc...? I was waitlisted this year and to be honest, I thought I was a shoo-in for this program LOL sadly not the case. I’ve spoken to U of T about improving my application but they’ve been pretty vague so I feel a little lost as to what to do next...
  3. I was thinking about it but was told by one of the outreach ppl that there are usually 400-500 applicants and 20 spots?? Was anyone else told that?
  4. Aw, congrats! Hoping for the best - for all of my fellow neurotics on gradcafe haha . When did you hear from U of T/what stream did you apply to?
  5. Aw 👎🏼 Well good to know I’m not the only one. Waiting sucks.
  6. Anyone have any info abt the 2-year MSW waitlist at U of T? 😭
  7. payment is due at u of t may 24th
  8. i emailed yesterday to confirm my spot on the waitlist and ask about this and was told offers from the waitlist will go out b/w mid May and early Sept so not a direct answer but there it is haha
  9. i was waitlisted too. so disappointed. the email came after 8pm for me.
  10. Thanks! Alternate status = the most success I’ve had so far in my 2 yrs of applying haha
  11. Does anyone know how or if it’s possible to check your CIHR ranking?
  12. how i feel working in research w/ 190832 things to do as the rejections start to pour in
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