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  1. Absolutely! Don’t be discouraged if they say it was just a competitive year. Sometimes you’re the perfect applicant but they have to find a way to choose between multiple. Feel free to DM me for templates I’ve used.
  2. I was just accepted to York CD. I am still waiting to hear back from uVic, Ottawa, Guelph, and Dalhousie. PM me for POI initials for any of the schools I listed - I will not be accepting any potential offers that come from the other schools. I will be accepting York CD
  3. Depends on the POI I think - mine said I would be hearing back within the week.
  4. Sorry to hear! Would you mind messaging me the POI’s initials?
  5. I received an interview invite exactly one week before, so it really fluctuates!
  6. Rejected from Queens and University of Waterloo today. UW didn't even send an email. I just checked my portal and it says Status: Deny. Queens sent a very kindly worded message although I am sure it is templated as well.
  7. Is anyone here going to the York open house this Friday? Let me know and we can chat if you'd like!
  8. Yes, I received this as well. I also received an email this morning asking me to write a 150 word statement on why my research interests align with hers.
  9. You are most welcome! I will more than likely hear about schools before a job accepts me for September start date (I am currently in an MA and will only defend in August). In the unlikely event that I do get a job offer before hearing about an acceptance, I would probably take the job...If I am then accepted to a program, I would just kindly explain that there has been a change in plans and I will be attending school instead and thank you for the opportunity etc etc Something my current advisor told me is that the best way to take a year off when you dont get in for a cycle, is to get a j
  10. I completely agree. It's really tough, especially when my anxiety is rooted from the "unknown" aspects of life. I coped by applying for research positions at local hospitals and sending out resumes to other jobs. This way, I know I will have a plan A and plan B. I can always apply for jobs and turn them down if I get accepted to a clinical program...but I can guarantee I will get more anxious if I don't get accepted anywhere AND I dont have a job in place for the interim. Thus, my suggestion would be to make an alternate plan that is appropriately manageable if you do or do not end
  11. Thank you both for the kind words. I appreciate it more than you know
  12. Sorry for the bland post - I was kind of disappointed and didn't think straight when writing this. I received a generic template email along the lines of "we regret to inform you that your application was unsuccessful....best of luck in your endeavours etc etc.". This was for UBC-V. Msg me for POI initials if you want.
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