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  1. I’ll be starting in a clinical program this fall and I had volunteered + worked in 4 labs throughout my undergrad. This was most definitely an asset, firstly you get to show that you have experienced a number of areas of psychology if these labs were different areas. I was asked how I knew I wanted to specialize in neuropsych so early on and this was my answer. You also get to experience different supervision styles and different ways of labs being run and organized. So, I would highly suggest getting into a number of labs if possible.
  2. I haven't heard that rule and I've seen a number of people post their CGSM results on Twitter etc.
  3. Most people apply to the MA level because very few schools allow terminating at the masters. If you have an MA already, some schools will allow you to apply at the PhD level, but it is rare still. So the lack of distinction is likely because most people here are applying to the MA level with the expectation of completing the PhD after.
  4. They did have a full psychology graduate department recruitment on the same day, I heard back from my POI last week for clinical so I imagine this week at least for other areas aside from clinical.
  5. Ahhhhh super excited!! School: University of Victoria Concentration: Clinical Neuropsychology Type: MSc/PhD Date of acceptance: informal acceptance - Jan 29, 2020 Notified by: Personal e-mail from POI, said official offer should be received this week!
  6. Yeah so it's a mix of things. It's a tour of the department, facilities, clinic, mixer with other students outside the lab, other prospects, but then the POI usually has you interview with them and their students (mostly grad but some undergrads as well) and other lab staff.
  7. POIs were very quiet (at least in my experience) during prelims about when invites would go out, but their interview days are Jan 25-27 so I would hope this week they would send invites.
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